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About Static GK page

As our learners know we are taking care of maximum things that will help you to crack the exam. We have been providing enormous amount of free study material so here comes the another one Welcome to the static GK page of

General Knowledge (static GK and Current Affairs) plays a very important role in banking and various central and state level government exams. General Awareness consists of Current Affairs and Static GK. Aspirants preparing for any competitive exam like Banking (SBI, IBPS, RRB, RBI), Insurance, SSC, RRB and other state and central Government exam or the most reputable UPSC exams must have a knowledge of static GK. Static GK could be a scoring section.

What is static GK?

Static GK means the general knowledge about the facts which are static. Static GK are the facts that are either not going to change for a long period of time or never going to change. Static GK comprises of people, places (countries, states etc.), things, important days, currencies, capitals, dances etc. Static GK is a subject we have been taught from junior classes because it is an important component of many of the government jobs.

One positive thing about static GK is the amount of information is fixed and we have already read that static GK at some point of our study. We just need to recollect the most important topics of static GK from examination point of view and recall them regularly. Having a command on static GK is going to help you in a broad range of exams.

Most Important Static GK in Shorts

What are the topics in Static GK?

Some of the important topics of static GK are:

• Important Indian Cities on Rivers Banks

• Important Days

• World Heritage Sites in India

• Static GK state wise

• Important summits & conferences of India

• National Parks & Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

• UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India

• Military exercises with different countries

• History of Banking

• Countries, Capital & Currency

Why is static GK important?

Reading and learning static GK helps you as direct questions are asked in the examination, you just need to tick them. It helps to increase the overall score, as many aspirants leave or don’t take static GK seriously. So, learning Static GK will make you stand out from others in terms of marks.

A major portion of the general awareness in the exams is dedicated to static GK. Also, keeping up to date with static GK helps aspirants in their interviews.

What do we offer in Static gk?

We help you make static GK a strong tool for the exam. Efficient learning of static GK requires compiled PDFs at one place, regular quiz. Here at, We offer all that you need to conquer the static GK part.

We provide various static GK PDFs on our website which will help you in your different examinations. We have compiled static GK PDFs in such a way that it is easy and fun to be read and remember. We also provide static GK mock tests from where you can check your preparation of static GK.

We have introduced a unique way of giving you static GK on a daily basis also. We provide Static GK facts related to current affairs in the Daily GK section.

Static GK section is like an ocean. But we try to minimize you burden and give only those important topics that are expected to come in your examinations. Here, you will find highly useful static GK PDFs that will take you closer to your dream of getting a government job.

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Static GK Exams covered:

For static GK of any exam like Banking, Insurance, Railways, SSCs, etc. you can check our Static GK page. In all examinations, our static GK will help you in boosting your marks overall.

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