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The Hindu Review 30 January 2019

♠The Hindu Review♠

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♦  Odisha’s “Jiban Sampark” to reach vulnerable tribes

  • Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Saturday announced “Jiban Sampark” project in partnership with UNICEF India to generate awareness about the development and welfare initiatives of state government among the Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups of the state.
  • The announcement was made after Patnaik inaugurated the annual tribal fair popularly known as “Adivasi Mela” here on Republic Day. The annual event which has 180 stalls to showcases tribal market, food, agriculture produces and forest products will continue till 9 February.
  • A structure of tribal villages has built-in “Adivasi Mela” to showcase the lifestyle, artefacts, culture, tradition and music of the tribal communities of the Odisha. “The Jiban Sampark’s focus areas will include skill development, empowering communities, cooperation and innovation among the groups of 75 tribal communities in the country, 13 Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups residing in remote and far off areas of 12 district in Odisha,” said Patnaik.


♦  ISB only Indian B-School in top 25 of Financial Times Global MBA Rankings

  • The Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP) of the Indian School of Business (ISB) has jumped four places to be ranked among the top 25 in the Financial Times Global MBA Rankings 2019 at 24th position.
  • Ranked 28th last year, ISB’s foray as the only Indian B-school in the top 25 of the FT Global MBA Rankings 2019 came on the back of a 187 per cent increase in salary of its alumni. ISB’s alumni salary increase is the third highest globally behind China’s Fudan University School of Management’s 195 per cent, and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Antai’s 193 per cent, respectively.
  • The ranking calculates average alumnus USD salary three years after graduation in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP) equivalent with adjustment for variations between sectors.
  • The FT Global MBA Rankings ranks 100 top global one-year and two-year postgraduate programmes for candidates with prior work experience. Unlike ISB, the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) who offer one-year programmes for executives with prior work experience are qualified in the FT Global MBA Rankings.


♦  Antonsen wins first Indonesia Masters title

  • Danish player Anders Antonsen won his first ever Indonesia Masters after defeating world number one Kento Momota of Japan on Saturday to claim the 2019 title.
  • Antonsen, who was not accompanied by his coach, reached the final of the the championship for the first time and managed to upset Momota 21-16, 14-21 and 21-16 in a game that lasted one hour and 19 minutes.
  • “It’s amazing to think that I started playing badminton when I was (a) six year-old and I’ve always been dreaming about winning one of these titles, so it’s crazy that I’m finally here,” Antonsen told reporters after the historic win.
  • “I’ve finally done it, I can’t even describe how good it feels,” the 21-year-old shuttler said.
  • Antonsen breezed to the final after defeating home’s favorite and Asian Games gold medallist Jonatan Christie on Friday.
  • Momota admitted the Dane had been playing extremely well since the beginning of the tournament.


♦  ICAR’s ‘Kisan Gandhi’ tableau wins first prize at R-Day parade

  • The ICAR tableau in the Republic Day Parade has won the first prize for its Kisan Gandhi theme. The Indian Council of Agricultural Research tableau with the theme “Mishrit Kheti, Khushiyon Ki Kheti” portrayed Gandhi with goats and a cow and Kasturba engaged with charkha and caring animals. The tableau showcased a view from Bapu Kuti at Wardha Ashram.
  • Tripura bagged the first prize for the state tableau while tableau from Jammu and Kashmir was adjudged the second and Punjab won the third prize. The theme of Tripura’s tableau was ‘Empowering Rural Economy the Gandhian Way’.
  • Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman gave away the prizes.
  • A total of 22 tableaux were displayed on the 70th Republic Day parade. Of which, 16 were from States and Union Territories, six from various central ministries and departments.


♦  Suman Kumari becomes Pakistan’s first Hindu woman judge

  • Suman Kumari has become the first Hindu woman to be appointed as a civil judge in Muslim-majority Pakistan. Suman, who hails from Qambar-Shahdadkot in Sindh province, will serve in her native district.
  • She passed her LLB examination from Hyderabad and did her masters in law from Karachi’s Szabist University.
  • “I have entered the field of law because I know that in the backward areas of Sindh poor people need a lot of advice and assistance in legal matters,” she told PTI over telephone.
  • “My father and my family supported me a lot as in our community it is not easy for women to enter such fields,” she said.


♦  Former Defence Minister George Fernandes passes away

  • Former Defence Minister in Vajpayee government, George Fernandes passed away on Tuesday at the age of 88.
  • Born in Karnataka’s Mangalore on 3rd June 1930, George Fernandes was a veteran socialist leader and trade unionist. He rose to prominence in 1967 with a surprise victory over senior Congress leader SK Patil from South Bombay constituency. He organised many strikes and bandhs in Bombay in the 1950s and 1960s, the most notable among these was the All India Railway strike in 1974.
  • Fernandes went underground in 1975, while challenging Prime Minister Indira Gandhi for imposing emergency. However, he was arrested later on.
  • In 1977, after the Emergency had been lifted, Fernandes won the Muzaffarpur seat in Bihar in absentia. He was appointed Union Minister for Industries in Morarji Desai’s cabinet when the Janata Party took office in 1977.
  • George Fernandes was among those leaders of anti-Congress politics, who led from front.
  • He was a key member of the Janata Dal and later founded Samata Party in 1994. He held the portfolio of Railways minister from 1989 to 1990 under the leadership of the then Prime Minister VP Singh.
  • Fernandes was India’s defence minister in the NDA government headed by Vajpayee when India fought the Kargil war in 1999. It was during his tenure that India conducted nuclear test at Pokhran in 1998.

♠Vocabulary (The Hindu)♠

  1. COLLABORATION (NOUN): alliance : (सहकार्यता)

Synonyms: association, partnership 

Antonyms: disunion, separation

Example: With the collaboration, he undertook the preparation of an inventory.

  1. VITAL(ADJECTIVE): essential : (महत्वपूर्ण)

Synonyms: crucial, necessary

Antonyms: optional, secondary  

Example: States are a vital part of the grand coalition between the two countries.

3. GRAVITATE (VERB): drift : (केंद्र की ओर झुकना)

Synonyms: incline, tend

Antonyms:  ascend, increase

Example: They gravitate to these areas.

  1. STAGGER(VERB): move unsteadily : (लड़खड़ाकर चलना)

Synonyms: careen, lurch

Antonyms: continue, stay  

Example: These numbers are staggering but they are only the tip of the iceberg.

  1. THRIVE (VERB): prosper: (कामयाब होना)

Synonyms: flourish, bloom

Antonyms: cease, decrease  

 Example: It appears to believe that English can’t thrive as long as French survives.

  1. PALPABLE (ADJECTIVE): visible: (स्पष्ट)

Synonyms: noticeable, credible  

Antonyms: ambiguous, doubtful

Example: The committee’s fervour is palpable in every recommendation.

  1. CONFLUENCE (NOUN): (संगम): convergence

Synonyms: junction, concurrence

Antonyms: division, separation

Example:  The confluence of warm and cold temperatures is going to create a powerful storm. 

  1. CONGEAL (VERB): (जमाना): to solidify 

Synonyms: coagulate, curdle

Antonyms: melt, soften

Example: She wanted to wash the frying pan before the bacon fat had a chance to congeal.

Filler Based on The Hindu

 Crisis in Caracas

The political crisis in Venezuela took a dangerous turn when Juan Guaidó, the new head of the National Assembly, declared himself “acting President”, challenging the authority of President Nicolás Maduro. Soon after Mr. Guaidó’s announcement, the U.S., Canada, Brazil and a host of other Latin American countries recognised the 35-year-old leader from the Popular Will party as interim President. A furious Mr. Maduro cut diplomatic ties with the U.S. and ordered American diplomats to leave in 72 hours. Venezuela has grappled with an economic and political crisis of its own making for almost two years now. When oil prices started falling from its 2014 highs, it badly hit an economy that was over-reliant on petroleum exports and was borrowing heavily to fund its over-spending on social welfare programmes, which former President Hugo Chávez liked to describe as a “Bolivarian revolution”. Mr. Maduro’s government was clueless when the economy started collapsing. At least 90% of the people now live below the poverty line, inflation is forecast to touch 10 million per cent this year, food and medicine shortages are widespread, and the economic woes have triggered a massive migrant crisis — nearly three million are estimated to have fled the country in recent years.

The opposition, whose attempts to overthrow the Socialists, including the 2002 coup against Chávez, had failed in the past, launched protests against Mr. Maduro. The government used brute force to suppress them, while the economic situation deteriorated. This left Venezuela in a constant state of economic hardships and violent street protests over the past two years. The main opposition boycotted last year’s presidential election, which Mr. Maduro won with 67.8% vote. Mr. Guaidó’s claim is that the election was not free and fair and therefore Mr. Maduro is not the legitimate President — a claim that the U.S. and its allies back. While Mr. Maduro shares a lot of the blame for the mismanagement of the economy, forcibly removing him from power with support from foreign nations may destabilise the country further, even leaving aside the legality of such a move. Mr. Guaidó may have hoped that by anointing himself a rebel President with backing from the U.S., he could win the support of sections of the armed forces, without which he cannot unseat Mr. Maduro. But that plan appears to have failed with the military declaring its loyalty to President Maduro. To be sure, the people of Venezuela deserve a better deal from a government that has led them to untold suffering and forced millions to flee the country. Destabilisation by interfering in the political process is not the solution, however. What is required is a coordinated international effort to restore some degree of economic and political normalcy. In the long run, it is up to the people of Venezuela to decide their own political destiny.

Question 1: Mr. Guaidó’s …………….., the U.S., Canada, Brazil and a host of other Latin American countries recognised the 35-year-old leader from the Popular Will party as interim President.


B) Announcement

C) Decision

D) Tells

E) Think

Question 2: Venezuela has …………  with an economic and political crisis of its own making for almost two years now.


B) Problem

C) Grappled

D) Wrong

E) None

Question 3: Mr. Maduro shares a lot of the blame for the mismanagement of the economy, forcibly removing him from power with support from foreign nations may ……………… the country further, even leaving aside the legality of such a move.


B) Reason

C) Wrong

D) Crisis

E) Destabilise

Question 4: What is required is a ……………….  international effort to restore some degree of economic and political normalcy.


B) With

C) Among

D) Behind

E) Helped

Question 5: Select the word which is most nearly the SAME MEANING as the word printed in bold as used in the passage.



B) Be immune

C) Cancel

D) Disconnect

E) Clutch

Question 6: Select the word which is most nearly the OPPOSITE MEANING as the word printed in bold as used in the passage.



B) Rebellious

C) Revolutionary

D) Insubordinate

E) Complaisant






5-E Grapple (गुत्थम गुत्था)

6-E Rebel (बागी)


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