2nd Phase of Grameen Udyami Project Launched

2nd Phase of Grameen Udyami Project Launched

To empower the tribal youth and enhance their sustainable and inclusive growth ,National Skill Development Corporation NSDL has launched the second phase of a potential center government scheme named Grameen Udyami Project with the cooperation of Seva Bharti and Yuva Vikas Society. The main object of this scheme is to impart important skills to the youth of tribals and make them efficient to enable thier livelihood. Under this project it is aimed to provide multiskills training to the tribal youth.

Some Facts:

This scheme was launched by the Union Minister of Tribal affairs,Arjun Munda. He mentioned that a total budget of 85,000 cr has been sanctioned by the government to empower the status quo of tribal youth population. According to the Tribal Affairs Minister the youth population of tribal communities have a huge potential and what the country needs is to give them opportunities and right avenues to be productive by using thier skills and talents. 

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In this event, many personalities took place such as Shri V. Satish, Mahamantri, Rashtriya Seh Sangathan, Shri Samir Oraon, Rashtriya adyaksh, Ansuchit Janjati Morcha evam Rajya Sabha Sansad and Shri Shivshankar Oraon.

Objectives of Scheme:

It is a programme that ensures the sustainable livelihoods opportunities to the tribal population by training them under this initiative. The second phase of Grameen Udyami Project was launched in an event which was virtually addressed by Minister of state Skill Development and Entrepreneurship,Rajiv Chandrashekhar. 

Under the Grameen Udyami Project it is initiated that the proper and inclusive education is necessary to the development of tribal population. Many steps to provide quality education to the tribal youth of India will be taken place in this programme that will give opportunities to the various prospects for thier growth and development.

Skill trainings and developments which will be initiated by this programme give the ways to the tribal population to participate in the various economic opportunities. The Grameen Udyami Project is funded by National Skill Development Corporation.

The Grameen Udyami Project is being started in many states in the country. These states include Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Chattisgarh. The target is to train 450 students of tribal communities in Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand. 

About first phase:

The first phase of Grameen Udyami Project was ended with some good results that made the government to relaunch its second phase. Under the first phase 157 students from Madhya Pradesh started thier training. It was also in the working position in other states such as Maharashtra, Rajashthan, Chhatisgarh, Gujarat. The youth of rural areas of these states got trained and it was made sure that no one was lack of this opportunity during the time period of the scheme.

Questions and answers:

Q1. Which phase of Grameen Udyami Project was launched?

Ans. Second phase.

Q2. Grameen Udyami Project is funded by whom?

Ans. National Skill Development Corporation.

Q3. What is the budget for the development of tribal youth?

Ans. 85,000 cr.

Q4. With the partnership of whom this programme was launched?

Ans. NSDL with the partnership of Yuva Vikas Society and Seva Bharti.

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