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English grammar has been a part of our curriculum since childhood. All of us have studied English grammar and most of us forgot in order to concentrate on other subjects like science or math. English grammar was not just a childhood lesson but also one of the essential basic subjects. English grammar not only enhances the grammar part it overall boosts reading, writing and speaking section of English. English grammar is an all rounder pack of knowledge that an aspirant must have. English grammar not only helps in written exams but also take you through the interviews. English grammar as a subject is an unavoidable subject for aspirants preparing for government exams. Questions from English grammar are asked in different form in different exams carrying different weightage. For example, taking the tier 3 exam of SSC CGL, it is a descriptive paper and you need to show your writing skills, this part can not be cleared without English grammar, also correct use of English grammar enhances your writing skills with practice.

English grammar is almost like mathematics, you need to practice it as often to keep it sharp. English grammar provides a basic skeleton to the sentences we write, English grammar is a manual that tells us how to join words to make a sentence out of them and finally create a whole piece of written form. Just like mathematics, English grammar comes with a set of formula though much easier than math and needs to be remembered carefully. The good part about English grammar is that the set of formula doesn’t changes or gets leveled up unlike any other subject.

Translating a Hindi sentence to English is a good way to understand and apply the formula and sentence structure of English grammar.

There is a fixed amount of syllabus of English grammar that you need to study as a part of your preparation. Most of the topic of English grammar, might have been studied during your junior English grammar lessons, reading it for the second time, makes English grammar an easy and achievable target for your exam.

Here we are providing some important topics of English grammar rules at one place which will help you to understand basic English grammar rules for Competitive exams like Bank, SSC, Railway and Other Examinations:

• Noun

• Pronoun

• Verb

• Adverb

• Adjective

• Tense

• Subject, Verb, Arrangement

• Conjunction

• Preposition

• Active, Passive voice

It can be seen that most of it belong to part of speech portion of English grammar, these again are very basic topics of English grammar.

English Grammar Rules

Why should you study English grammar?

• You don’t need to study English grammar very extensively.

• English grammar increases your efficiency in the English language.

• English grammar helps you clear your written exams and interview.

• It is a simple subject comparatively.

• You can target different exams by one preparation.

• Having a good command on English grammar helps you understand other materials written in the English language very easily.

Another positive point for including English grammar in your preparation is that it requires very less amount of time. If you study English grammar for an hour on a daily basis it will be sufficient. English grammar is a scoring section, though most of the aspirant finds it difficult to target just because it is “English”. But once you start you will get to know that English grammar is one of the easiest topics providing you good marks as well. Thus, as a smart strategy you should include English grammar in your preparation.

What do we provide for English grammar section?

For English grammar, we provide the basics of each topic with colorful visual effects to make it interesting.

We provide

• English grammar quiz.

• Reading materials.

• Daily, small doses of English grammar rules covering different topics.

• Phrase replacement materials.

• Fillers for English language. Etc.

All these English grammar materials are based on the latest pattern of examination. The English grammar materials on our website are

• all free.

• Comes with daily updates.

• Easily accessible.

• Explained in detail.

• Includes recent most recent patterns of questions.