A new weapon system branch approved on Indian Air Force Day

A new weapon system branch approved on Indian Air Force Day

The Indian Government has given its approval to the creation of a weapon system branch for IAF officers on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the Indian Air Force (IAF). Today on 8th October India is celebrating its Indian Air Force Day.

Advantages of a new weapon system branch:

  • It is the first time since independence that a new operational branch has been given approval to be created.
  • During the celebration in Chandigarh of Indian Air Force day, Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari stated to be important for manning of four specialized streams of Surface to Surface missiles, Surface to Air Missiles, Remotely Piloted Aircraft and Weapon System Operators in twin and multi-crew aircraft.
  • The benefit of creating a new weapon system branch would save over Rs 3,400 crore due to reduced expenditure on flying training.
  • Integrated and joint application of combat power: To success in multi-domain operations is to get flexible, robust and redundant command and control structures that will reserve a joint force to dominate across domains.
  • No single service can win a war on its own that is why India is working to enhance jointness amongst the three services.

Indian Air Force Day:

  • Indian Air Force Day is celebrated on October 8 every year. This year in 2022 India is celebrating its 90th-anniversary celebration of the Indian Air Force (IAF).
  • The observance of Indian Air Force day is a matter of pride for Indians and inspires a patriotic zeal for the air arm of the Indian Armed Forces.
  • They always stand for the nation by securing the Indian airspace, not only in times of cross-border conflict but also conduct rescue operations during natural calamities. The President of India is the Commander-in-chief of the IAF.
  • The celebration of the Indian Air Force Day is done to display the strength, bravery and courage of India’s fighter pilots who risk their lives to defend the nation.

Theme of 90th IAF day:

‘IAF: Transforming for the Future’ is the theme for IAF 2022 anniversary celebrations. The theme of IAF 2022 is in sync with the need to transform, keeping in mind the challenges of new-age warfare.

Question & Answer:

Q1. On which day Indian Air Force Day 2022 is observed every year?

Ans. 8th October

Q2. What is the gift for IAF on its 90th Indian Air Force day?

Ans. Approval for creating a weapon system branch for IAF officers

Q3. What is the theme of Indian Air Force Day 2022?

Ans. ‘IAF: Transforming for the Future’

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