All about to Global Hunger Index 2022

All about to Global Hunger Index 2022

Concern Worldwide and Welthungerlife has jointly released the Global Hunger Index 2022 where India has been ranked 107th out of 121 countries in the Global Hunger Index (GHI) 2022. India’s position 107th is down from the 101st position the previous year.

The Global Hunger Index 2022 has ranked Yemen the lowest position at 121, while European nations including Croatia, Estonia and Montenegro have been ranked the top of the list. Among Asian nations, China and Kuwait have been ranked at the highest positions.


Global Hunger Index:

The Global Hunger Index is published by Concern Worldwide and Welthungerlife and has been released almost every year since 2000. The recently released report for the year 2022 is the 15th edition.

The Global Hunger Report depicts a low score country to a higher ranking and implies a better performance.

GHI scores are not prepared and published for certain high-income countries.

Reason behind the Global Hunger Report:

The main reason to prepare the report is to map the hunger for ensuring that as the world achieves one of the Sustainable Development Goals “Zero Hunger by 2030”.

The common hunger is understood in terms of food deprivation but in a formal sense it is measured by mapping the level of calorie intake.

The measurement of Hunger Index:

The Global Hunger Index is calculated over four main indicators.

These four main indicators are as follows: 1.) Undernourishment, 2.) Child Wasting that reflects acute undernutrition, 3.) Child Stunting that reflects chronic undernutrition and 4.) Child Mortality that reflects both inadequate nutrition and unhealthy environment.

Each country’s data are similar on a 100-point scale and a final score is computed after giving 33.33% weight each to components 1 and 4, and giving 16.66% weight each to components 2 and 3.

Countries marking less than or equal to 9.9 are scheduled in the “low” category of hunger, while those scoring between 20 and 34.9 are in the “serious” category and those grading above 50 are in the “extremely alarming” category.

Decoding India’s rank:

India has been consistently registering lower values for the four indicators after it started going up in 2014 for undernourishment and the prevalence of wasting in children.

India’s rank, which is 107th out of 121, indicated the situation of hunger in India is worsening and collectively it have to be do strong and effective actions for handling the situation and getting better position in the Index.

Question & Answer:

Q1. What the rank of India is in recently published the Global Hunger Index 2022?

Ans. 107th

Q2. Which one published the Global Hunger Index every year?

Ans. Concern Worldwide and Welthungerlife

Q3. How many main indicators are considered to calculate the hunger for all the countries?

Ans. Four

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