ALP Stage-II quiz PHYSICS (Electricity and magnetism) | 21st December 2018

Welcome to RRB ALP Stage-II examination. Here we are providing Quiz for Railway ALP Stage-II quiz PHYSICS (Electricity and magnetism).

Q1. A current carrying conductor is associated with

(a) A magnetic field

(b) An electric field

(c) An electro-magnetic field

(d) An electrostatic field 

Q2. Farad is the unit of

(a) Resistance

(b) Conductance

(c) Capacitance

(d) Inductance

Q3.A good conductor while carrying current is

(a) Negatively charged

(b) Positively charged

(c) Electrically neutral

(d) Alternately charged positive and negative

Q4. Safety fuse wire used in domestic electrical appliances is made of metal of low

(a) resistance

(b) melting point

(c) specific gravity

(d) conductance

Q5.The angle between the magnetic meridian and the geographical meridian and the geographical meridian at a place is

(a) Dip  

(b) Declination

(c) Latitude

(d) Azimuth

Q6. Electrostatic precipitator is used to control the pollution of

(a) air

(b) water

(c) noise

(d) thermal

Q7.Tape recorder should not be kept near one of the following things

(a) clock               

(b) magnet           

(c) electrical switchboard

(d) radio

Q8. Which of the following is a good conductor of heat but a bad conductor of electricity?

(a) Celluloid

(b) Rubber

(c) Asbestos

(d) Mica

Q9. A photostat machine works on

(a) electromagnetic image making

(b) electrostatic image making       

(c) magnetic image making

(d) thermal image making

Q10. Lightning is caused due to

(a) electric power

(b) electric discharge

(c) electric leak

(d) electric pressure



Exp.For the magnetic field, the currents are one source of the magnetic, but this problem is more linked to the source of the current in the wire. For a conductor with finite conductivity, an electric field is needed in order to drive a current in the wire.


Exp.The farad (symbolized F) is the standard unit of capacitance in the International System of Units (SI).


Exp. A good conductor while carrying current is negatively charged. In a conductive material, the moving charged particles which constitute the electric current are called charge carriers.


Exp. A fuse wire is a single, small gauge made up of a tin coated copper wire material of low melting point, usually contained in a carrier of some sort, providing a weak point in an electrical circuit that will melt on overload and disconnect the electricity load. An alloy of lead and tin coated wire is used as the material of the fuse wire.


Exp.The vertical plane that passes through the true geographical North and South (or geographical axis of Earth) is known as the geographical meridian. The angle between the magnetic meridian and the geographic meridian at a place is called declination at that place.


Exp. Originally designed for recovery of valuable industrial-process materials, electrostatic precipitators are used for air pollution control, particularly for removing particles from waste gases at industrial facilities and power-generating stations.


Exp. Tape recorder should not be kept near magnet.


Exp. Mica is a bad conductor of electricity (very good insulator), but it is a very good conductor of heat.  


Exp.All Electrostatic Copiers work under the premise that a charge of electricity is place on an Image Drum which has the ability to retain the electric charge much like a capacitor holds its charge but with the ability to hold or release the charge depending on how much light and darkness is applied to the Image Drum. A photocopier (also known as a copies of documents and other visual images quickly and cheaply. Most current photocopiers use a technology called xergorahpy. A dry process using heat. Copiers can also use other technologies such as ink jet, but xerography is standard for office copying.


Exp. Often lightning occurs between clouds or inside a cloud. But the lightning we usually care about most is the lightning that goes from clouds to ground—because that’s us! As the storm moves over the ground, the strong negative charge in the cloud attracts positive charges in the ground(Lightning is caused due to electric discharge).

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