Article 355 invoked in burning state Manipur

Article 355 invoked in burning state Manipur

Chief Minister N. Biren Singh had chaired a meeting to review the unfolding law and order situation but the Central government is taking charge of the security situation. The Government of India has invoked Article 355 in the wake of burning situation and violence in the hills and valley areas following Tribal Solidarity March.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has appointed Kuldip Singh as an advisor to the CM due to worsening situation in Manipur.

Kuldip Singh had served as a DIG of the National Investigation Agency and the Central Reserve Police Force.

Why Manipur burning?

A petition had been filed by the Meitei Tribe Union seeking Scheduled Tribe (ST) status for the majority-Meitei community in Manipur state.

The Manipur High Court said that a decision on the issue had so far not taken place due to the negligence of the state government which has till date, not sent a recommendation to the Centre for the inclusion of the Meitei community in the ST list.

Thus tribal community of Meitei in Manipur state gathered and reaches out to the state government with aggression. They organized Tribal Solidarity March recently, but in the march many people started to burn state assets in the state.

Article 355:

Article 355 is a part of emergency provisions comprised in Part XVIII of the Constitution of India, from Article 352 to 360.

It gives the power to the central government to action against internal disturbances and external aggression to protect a state.

It is the first time that, central government has invoked article 355 in its ruling party administration state.

After the taking control of Manipur’s security, the Imphal-Churachandpur road has been secured by police and security personnel.

The Manipur state government had requested to the people to stop the violence immediately and help maintain peace and harmony.

The chief minister gave assurance to the people that the state government is monitoring the unfolding situation and constantly connect with the Indian Army, the Assam Rifles, CRPF and BSF deployed in the state.

State government has also announced that the people of Manipur have been living together as one people for centuries. In this difficult time all people in state have to maintain this peaceful coexistence and leave a better State for the benefit of state’s younger generations.

Question & Answer:

Q1. In which state Central government has invoked article 355 due to violence in the state?

Ans. Manipur

Q2. Who is the chief minister of Manipur?

Ans. N. Biren Singh

Q3. Which tribal community has made aggression against state government?

Ans. Meitei



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