Average Quant Quiz for SBI PO PRE 2019 (Day 5) | 6th February 2019

Average Quant Quiz for SBI PO PRE 2019 (Day 5)

Quant Quiz to improve your Quantitative Aptitude for SBI exam quant, IBPS PO quant , IBPS Clerk quant , IBPS RRB quant, and other competitive exams. 

Q1. There were 46 students in a Boys hostel. Due to the admission of eight new students the expenses of the hostel mess were increased by Rs.42 per day while the average expenditure per head diminished by Rs 1. What was the original expenditure of the hostel mess? 

A) Rs.562

B) Rs.542

C) Rs.532 

D) Rs.452

E) Rs.552 

Q2. In a famous hotel the rooms were numbered from 201 to 230, each room gives an earning of Rs. 5000 for the first fifteen days of a month and for the latter half, Rs. 3000 per room. Find the average income per room per day over the month. (September)? 

A) 2000

B) 3000

C) 4000 

D) 5000

E) 3500 

Q3.  The average monthly expenditure of Mr.Ravi’s family for the first three months is Rs 2,750, for the next three months is Rs 2,940 and for the last three months Rs 3,150. If his family saves Rs 4980 for nine months, find the average monthly income of the family for the 9 months? 

A) Rs. 3800

B) Rs. 3500

C) Rs. 3400 

D) Rs. 4200

E) Rs. 4500 

Q4. There are 10 compartments in passenger train carries on average 15 passengers per compartment. If at least 15 passengers were sitting in each compartment, no any compartment has equal no of passengers , and any compartment does not exceed the number of average passengers except 10th compartment.Find how many passengers can be accommodated in 10th compartment? 

A) 38

B) 51

C) 47 

D) 50

E) 53

Q5. In a particular week the average number of people visited the museum is 70. If we exclude the holidays then the average number is increased by 28. Further if we exclude the day which the maximum of 210 visitors visited the museum, then the average become 40.Find the no of holidays in the week?

A) None

B) One

C) Three 

D) Two

E)  Can’t be determined 

Q6. Arjun gets 62 marks out of 100 in English, 81 out of 120 in Chemistry and 75 out of 150 in Maths. The average marks of Arjun(in %) in all the three subjects is ?

A) 60%

B)  53%

C) 47% 

D) 72%

E) None of these 

Q7. The average salary of 120 employees in the bank is Rs.15,000 per month. If the no. of assistant is thrice the no. of POs and average salary of assistant is 1/3rd of the average salary of PO then find the average salary of POs (in Rs.) ? 

A) 18,000

B) 25,000

C) 36,000 

D) 30,000

E) None of these 

Q8. In a certain year the average monthly salary of a person is 5000 rupees. If for the first 7 months the average salary is 5300 and for the last 6 months, the average salary is 4600 rupees. Find the income of the person in 7th month?

A) 3700

B) 4700

C) 5700 

D) can’t be determined

E) None of these 

Q9. In a class, the average marks got by number of students in English is 52.25. 25% students placed in C category made the average of 31 marks, while 20% who were placed in A category made the average of 80 marks. Find the average marks of the remaining students? 

A) 50

B) 52.2

C) 51

D) 51.8

E) 48.8

Q10. The average age of the group having 3 members is 84. One more person joins the group and now the average becomes 80. Now a fifth person comes whose age is 3 years more than that of fourth person replaces the first person. After this the average age of the group becomes 79. What is the weight of the first person? 

A) 75

B) 72

C) 78

D) 84

E) 90


Q1. Ans(E)

Q2. Ans(C)

Q3. Ans(B)

Q4. Ans(B)

Q5. Ans(D)

Q6. Ans(A)

Q7. Ans(D)

Q8. Ans(B)

Q9. Ans(D)

Let there are 100 students in the class, then in category A = 20 students, in C = 25 students, remaining = 55 students. 
Let be the average of these 55 students. 

Q10. Ans(A)

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