Best State to Apply for SBI Clerk 2021 : Read LPT Experience

Best State to Apply for SBI Clerk 2021: Read LPT Experience

Hello Aspirants, 

As we all know that the State Bank of India (SBI) has already released the notification for the recruitment of SBI Clerk (Junior Associates) 2021. And the vacancies are Based on State wise. So now, here we are providing the detailed analysis for Best Applying state for SBI Clerk 2021. You can Clear the facts with the real experience to analyze the Best state to Apply SBI Clerk 2021. 

We as an are here to guide you for whole journey!! As per our observation it is found that a new concern is confusing all young aspirants and that is misleading to all. So, we are back with proper clarification on the same.

Is Language a barrier?

Whenever Banking job aspirants see the notification, this question used to come in their mind , either they can apply for other states or not. Will it be good or will be there any chance of selection in other states also. Will this language be barrier.

All of the above, you need to understand one thing that you are free to fill the form for any state. There may be some leading edge of home state students but it never gives assurance to anyone. Any students may fill the form depending upon their ease and comfort-ability. Now a big question is hunting in everyone’s mind about the language barrier.

We will try to give a proper answer on that with some following testimonies. Answer to a question is NO- A big NO!!

Language is never a barrier. Language test is just for understanding your comfort-ability with local people because once you get selected, you need to deal with local people on daily basis. So, they must also be in hand-in-hand with you.

Now, how strict this language test is? Once you have cleared written test and are appearing for language test – it is just a normal test. We have enquired the same with many of students and found that this is just a simple process. 

First of all, they never check your core competency in language. They may ask meaning of simple words, they may gave some words from newspaper to read. Yes, It is true you at least learn something of that language for which state you are applying with.  

 Even though if you are not well equipped with language they used to give some more time after joining also to be in-line with language. 

So Friends never think Language as barrier and go ahead with which you are bit comfortable.

Conclusion: final conclusion Gujarat or Maharashtra seems very lenient for Language proficiency test.  

Note: provide Marathi and Gujarati LPT live Class (

Marathi LPT live Class for IBPS Clerk 2021

Testimony: (aspirants shares Experience of SBI JA language test (2019)


  • SBI Clerk – Qualified in 2019-20  
  • Home town: Jharkhand
  • Qualified : Maharashtra State
  • My Experience of SBI JA language test (2019)

Hi, I, Swati Burman, am sharing my experience of SBI Junior Associate 2019 LPT. I have applied from Maharashtra and hence my LPT was for Marathi language. I shifted in Maharashtra just 6 months back and thus, did not know Marathi at all. Being the same script as Hindi, I could read and write Marathi but could not speak, I took help of some of my friends here to learn the basis of the language after the announcement of the mains exam. On the day of LPT, I was really very nervous, but trust me, its not tough. They conduct the exam just as a formality and not to eliminate you as in RBI Assistant. It’s a short essay with very easy and understandable language and then followed by 10 questions which you have got to answer in one sentence each from the passage.

Overall my experience was good and would suggest all the upcoming aspirants not to worry about LPT.

Focus on mains and then just learn the Basis of the language and you can easily crack the exam.

Thank you

Swati Burman

  1. Testimony

  • SBI Clerk – Qualified in 2018-19  
  • Home town: UP
  • Qualified: Karnataka state

I appeared in Language proficiency test and Panel greets me with “shubhoday” (Good morning in Karnataka). I also greet them as Good morning, then it starts.

They asked me about my comfort-ability in kannada. I became frank over there and said that I know few basic words only and they supported me after that. They again asked about my reading capability of Kannada with offering a newspaper towards me, I identified few words and then I was not feeling that much confident so I straight forward said that I may read, write and speak but i need some more time. They were happy with my real attitude and granted me the same. I joined happily but became honest with everyone and learn Kannada in 6 months

Thanks you

Kalpana singh

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