CAIIB Advanced Business and Financial Management Recollected Questions : 18 June 2023

CAIIB Paper 3 (ABFM) Memory based questions : 18 June 2023

CAIIB is a flagship course offered by IIBF. The exam is held twice every year – Once in June and once in November. 18 June CAIIB Paper 3 exam We provide Recollected Questions . In these papers, maximum questions are repeated in every exam. So, Ambitious baba is providing you with CAIIB  recollected Question Papers of Advanced Business and Financial Management  . These recollected Question Papers Advanced Business and Financial Management  will be very useful in upcoming shifts.

CAIIB Paper 3 (ABFM) Memory based Questions First Shift (18 June 2023)

Exam Level- Easy to Moderate (7-8 Numerical Qus)

  • Suppose a project cost 10 Lac and yield a profit of 1.5 Lac after depreciation of 10% (straight line method) but before tax of 50%. What is payback period?-EBT 1.5 lac, Tax 50% = 75000, Eat = 75000, Add depreciation= 100000, Total cash inflow = 1.75 lac per year Then 100000/1.75 lac = 5.71
  • Vision statement is a written document that describes where an organization is going and what it will look like when it gets there
  • Case study on business analytics
  • Case study on staffing
  • Which is not reason for merger and acquisition??-Tax Evasion.
  • Which is not a method of appraisal among
  • ​Black shole method used for calculating
  • ​Advantages of formal organisation
  • Types of recruitment
  • Organisation chart is
  • When business is less than break even but Enti is positive then
  • MBO is used
  •  CAPM Related Qus?
  • Types of performance appraisal
  • Different stake holders of SPAC
  • More questions on business analyst
  • About Angel fund
  • About Seed funds
  • What is Mezzzanine Financing ?
  • Section 47 of Companies act about preference share?
  • About SPAC (Special Purpose Acquistion Company) Related 2-3 Qus
  • Pestle full form or case studies
  • Dividend model Related Qus
  • All source of fund
  • SWOT full form
  • BARS full form
  • Qus from Directing
  • 4- to 5 questions on business analysis types
  • Financial leverage if break even point is nil
  • Financial leverage if break even point is nil
  • ​Questions from Private Equite and P/E
  • Which is not reason for merger and acquistion
  • ​Behavioural anchorched ranking scheme
  • TQM (Total Qualty Management ) Related Qus
  • ​Question regarding section 55 also came
  • ​financial leverage operating leaverag
  •  A company will pay dividend of Rs 5 one year from now. Dividend expected to grow at 10% PA. if investor need return of 14%. What is the fair price of share?- 5/(14℅-10℅) =125
  • Which is not type of control based on timing?-Historical
  • Case study based on these 4 types of data analytics
  • Payback method
  • Qus From Market approch
  • Qus from cost approch
  • Qus from Income approach
  • Factors of PESTLE
  • ​Which type nature of Authority?.
  • Question on descriptive analytics diag analytics perdictive analytics and prescriptive analytics
  • Green bond issued by?
  • Private equity is trust, who invest,
  • Objective of HRD is
  • Qus from Angel Investors
  • ​Hybrid finance related 6-7 questions
  • ​Predictive descriptive description and prescription 5 question the
  • EV/Ebit numericals case study
  • Advantages of planning
  • Qus from Debentures
  • Qus from Preference share
  • Qus from Elements of environment analysis
  • Qus from Types of strategies
  • Qus from Calculate enterprise value
  • Qus from Break-even point undefined DOL
  • Qus from Steps in control
  • Qus from Relative value approach
  • Loan valuation one numerical
  • Trademark filling tax rebate? 80;50;30;100

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