CAIIB exam 2021 – Ultimate guide to Clear in 1st Attempt

Know everything about the CAIIB exam and clear it in the first attempt.

Ultimate guide to clear CAIIB exam 2021 in 1st Attempt

CAIIB Exam 2021: Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers (CAIIB) exam is conducted by the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF) twice every year in June and December. The basic aim of IIBF behind conducting the CAIIB exam is to evaluate basic knowledge regarding economics analysis, inventory management, risk management, balance sheet management, etc.

CAIIB exam eligibility criteria

The candidates who have completed the exam of JAIIB or part 1 of the other associate exams are eligible for the CAIIB exam.

CAIIB exam date

CAIIB dates 2021 have been released on IIBF official site.

06/06/2021 Advance bank management  (Paper-1)
13/06/2021 Bank financial management (Paper-2)
20/06/2021 Rural Banking
Retail Banking
Human Resources Management
Information Technology
Risk Management
Central Banking

CAIIB syllabus

IIBF itself provides CAIIB syllabus. The syllabus of CAIIB exam is divided into two sections: one is inclusive of 2 compulsory papers and another including 1 elective paper.

CAIIB syllabus for both of the sections:

CAIIB elective papers –

 Candidates can choose one out of the 11 papers given below:

1). Information Technology

Module A – Introduction to Information Technology

Module B – Systems and Design

Module C – Applications in Banking

Module D – Security Control and Guidelines

2). Retail Banking

Module A – Introduction

Module B – Retail Products

Module C – MIS and Accounting, Marketing/Selling of retail products

Module D – More on Retail Banking

3). Human Resources Management

Module A – Human Resource Management

Module B – Building an HR Strategy

Module C – Motivation, Training and Skill Development

Module D – Personnel Management and Industrial Relations

4). Corporate Banking

Module A – Corporate Banking and Finance

Module B – Investment Banking

Module C – Project and Infrastructure Finance

5). Financial Advising

Module A – Introduction to Financial Advising

Module B – Financial Planning

Module C – Financial Investment Products

Module D – Taxation

6). Co-operative Banking

Module A – Principles and Laws

Module B – Deposits, Credits and Investment Management

Module C – Technology Risk Management

7). Central Banking

Module A – Functions and  Rationale of Central Bank

Module B – Central Banking in India

Module C – Monetary Policy and Credit Policy

Module D – Supervision and Financial Stability

8). International Banking

Module A – International Banking and Finance

Module B – Foreign Exchange Business

Module C – International Trade

Module D – Derivatives

9). Treasury Management

Module A – An Overview

Module B – Treasury Management

Module C – Treasury and International Banking

Module D – Risk Management

10). Risk Management

Module A – An Overview

Module B – Credit Risk Management

Module C – Operational Banking

Module D – Market Risk

Module E – Risk Organization and Policy

11). Rural banking

Module A – Rural India

Module B – Financing Rural Development

Module C – Government Initiatives and Priority Sector Financing

Module D – Problems and Prospectus

CAIIB compulsory papers-

Both are mandatory for every candidate:

1). Bank Financial Management

Module A – International Banking

Module B – Risk Management

Module C – Treasury Management

Module D – Balance Sheet Management

2). Advanced Bank Management

Module A – Economic Analysis

Module B – Business Mathematics

Module C – HRM in Banks

Module D – Credit Management

CAIIB preparation

You can attend CAIIB classes online if there isn’t accessibility to the centers. After your preparation, don’t forget to take the CAIIB mock test. It provides you insights into your preparation and makes you ready-to-go.

Check CAIIB study material mock tests

CAIIB exam pattern 2021

Mode of Exam


CAIIB exam duration

-120 minutes (each paper)

Total Number of Questions

-100 questions (each paper)

Type of Questions

-Multiple Choice Questions

Maximum marks

– 100 marks (each paper)

Medium of Exam

-English or Hindi

Negative Marking

-No Negative Marking

Pattern of Questions

-Knowledge Testing

Conceptual Grasp

-Analytical/Logical Exposition

-Problem Solving

-Case Analysis

CAIIB apply date 2021

You can apply for the CAIIB June exam now: CAIIB Apply

Application fee for CAIIB 2021

  • IIBF charges a nominal price for the CAIIB exam applicants who register for the exam during the primary week of registration.
  • For the next two weeks of registration, the charges are with explu Rs. 100/-, and
  • For the fourth week of registration, the fee is 200Rs extra than the normal fee. normal exam fee plus Rs. 200/-
  • In case, the registration date is prolonged past 4 weeks the examination charges can be normal examination fee plus Rs. two hundred/- for the prolonged days.

Registration for CAIIB 2021

The following steps are to be followed by the candidates for registering themselves for the exam:

1). Visit the official website of the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF).

2). When reached on the home page, tap the option of


3). Then, go to the drop-down menu, and select ‘Flagship Courses’.

4). Go to CAIIB and click on “apply online.”

5). Then, you can log in to the dashboard with the help of your membership number and password.

6). Click on accept after reading the instructions and rules carefully.

7). Fill up all the details asked there such as exam centre, medium, etc.

8). Make sure that the details filled are correct. Click on the preview to cross-check.

9). For online payment, select ” accept and submit”.

10).  After selecting the payment option, read the given instructions carefully to complete the payment process.

CAIIB result 2021

The IIBF publicizes CAIIB exam results on the official website.

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