Clashes in China over Covid restrictions

Clashes in China over Covid restrictions

The clash between hundreds of demonstrators and police happened in Shanghai on Sunday night as protests over China’s stringent COVID restrictions irrupted for a third day and spread to several cities in the wake of a deadly apartment fire in the country’s far west.

Why people in China protesting?

Since president of China Xi Jinping has taken power a decade ago and his signature zero-COVID policy nearly three years into the pandemic, the wave of civil disobedience is mounted in mainland China.

The COVID measures are also claiming a heavy toll on the world’s second-largest economy.

The people in China wanted to go out freely, but they can’t. They claiming that their country’s COVID-19 policy is a game without any based on science or reality.

Widespread public protest is rare in China but this time the situation is forcing citizens mostly to show their frustration on social media, where they play cat-and-mouse with censors.

Frustration is stewing just over a month after current president of China Xi secured a third term at the helm of China’s Communist Party.

Aggressive protest on Sunday night:

The streets of Wuhan and Chengdu cities overcrowd by the protesters on Sunday. In Beijing, small groups of gathering had also held peaceful vigils, while students on numerous university campuses around China met to demonstrate over the weekend.

On Sunday in Shanghai, police maintained a heavy presence on Wulumuqi Road, which is named after Urumqi, and where a candlelight vigil the day before turned into protests.

As some protesters informed that the people here aren’t violent, but the police are arresting them for no reason.

Fire incident in Urumqi:

At a residential high-rise building in the city of Urumqi which is capital of the Xinjiang region a fire incident accidently erupted and it triggered protests after videos of the incident posted on social media led to accusations that lockdowns were a factor in the blaze that killed 10 people.

By Sunday evening, hundreds of people came outside from their home and gathered at the area.


The people in China are protesting over strict Zero-Covid policy in their country since last three years and show their hesitation towards their president’s third term rule.

Question & Answer:

Q1. In which country the protest over Zero-Covid policy is being erupted against their government?

Ans. China

Q2. Who is the current president of China who ruled since a decade?

Ans. XI Jinping

Q3. With what reason or agenda people in China are protesting against police and government?

Ans. To go out from their homes

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