Computer Awareness For IBPS RRB MAINS 2019| 1st October 2019: Updates Quiz

Computer Awareness 1st October 2019:Daily Computer Awareness quiz is playing a major role in any competitive exam. so here we are providing the current affairs quiz on daily basis for Bank, SSC & Railway Exams you can also read previous quizzes from Here

Q1. Which protocol assigns IP address to the client connected in the Internet?

(a)        DHCP

(b)          IP

(c)           RPC

(d)          None of the above

(e)          All of the above

Answer & Explanation

Q2. Bluetooth makes use of Personal Area Network for wireless communication using Frequency hoping spread spectrum supports –

(a)          Point to point connections

(b)          Point to Multipoint connection

(c)           Both  (a) and (b)

(d)          None of the  above

(e)          Multipoint to point connection

Answer & Explanation

Q3. The _______ translates internet domain and  host names to IP address.

(a)          DNS

(b)          Routing Information Protocol

(c)           Network Time Protocol

(d)          Internet Relay chat

(e)          File transfer protocol

Answer & Explanation

Q4.  On august 25 2016 Linux celebrated its 25 years of existence .LINUX is open  source OS.Who developed LINUX?

(a)          Bill gates

(b)          Steve Jobs

(c)           Linus Torrvald

(d)          Ken thompson

(e)          Dennis Ritchie

Answer & Explanation

Q5. Which of the following computer languages is a mathematically oriented language for scientific problems?

(a)          FORTRAN

(b)          PROLOG

(c)           COBOL

(d)          LLISLP

(e)          APPLE

Answer & Explanation

Q6.Encryption and Decryption are functions of

(a)          Transport layer

(b)          Session layer

(c)           Presentation layer

(d)          All of the above

(e)          None of these

Answer & Explanation

Q7. ¬¬______ are attempts by individuals to obtain confidential information from you by falsifying their identity?

(a)          Phishing trips

(b)          Spyware scams

(c)           Phishing scams

(d)          Virus

(e)          Computer viruses

Answer & Explanation

Q8. Where are likely to find an embedded operating system?

(a)          Networked PC

(b)          Mainframe

(c)           Networked pc

(d)          On a PDA

(e)          On a operating system

Answer & Explanation

Q9.Compiler in a computer system is

(a)          Package

(b)          System software

(c)           Application software

(d)          Process

(e)          None of these

Answer & Explanation

Q10. The human readable version of a program is called is called

(a)          Source code

(b)          Program code

(c)           System code

(d)          Human code

(e)          None of these

Answer & Explanation

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