Computer Awareness For IBPS RRB MAINS 2019| 4th September 2019: Updates Quiz

Computer Awareness 4th September 2019:Daily Computer Awareness quiz is playing a major role in any competitive exam. so here we are providing the current affairs quiz on daily basis for Bank, SSC & Railway Exams you can also read previous quizzes from Here

Q1. The operating system is the most common type of _____ software

(a)          Application

(b)          Presentation software

(c)           System

(d)          Word processing software

(e)          Communication

Answer & Explanation

Q2. When collection of various computer seems a single coherent system to its client, then it is called

(a) Computer Network

(b) Distributed System

(c) Both (a) & (b)

(d) None of the above

(e) Server

Answer & Explanation

Q3 . Weibo is a micro-blogging site popular in

(a) India

(b) USA

(c) South Korea

(d) China

(e) New Zealand

Answer & Explanation

Q4. A relational database consists of a collection of

(a) Tables

(b) Fields

(c) entities

(d) Keys

(e) models.

Answer & Explanation

Q5.Windows explorer is the name of  :

(a)          A network

(b)          A web browser

(c)           A file manager

(d)          An internet browser

(e)          A drive

Answer & Explanation

Q6. Connection to other documents or to other location within a website are______

(a)          Hyperlinks

(b)          Bots

(c)           Hyper  connects

(d)          Plug  ins

(e)          Filters

Answer & Explanation

Q7.The largest unit of digital information among the following

(a)          Kilobyte

(b)          Byte

(c)           Terabyte

(d)          Megabyte

(e)          Gigabyte

Answer & Explanation

Q8._____is an area of a computer that temporarily holds data waiting to be processed ,stored or output.

(a)          Storage

(b)          Motherboard

(c)           CPU

(d)          RAM

(e)          ALU

Answer & Explanation

Q9. Every computer connected to an intranet or extranet must have a distinct

(a)          Firewall

(b)          Brand name

(c)           Proxy server

(d)          Domain name

(e)          IP address

Answer & Explanation

Q10. _____ refers  to the unauthorized copying and distribution of software.

(a)          plagiarism

(b)          software piracy

(c)           cracking

(d)          hacking

(e)          software literacy

Answer & Explanation

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