Current Affairs Quiz 23rd & 24th July 2022 : Daily GK Update

Daily Current Affairs 23rd & 24th July 2022 Quiz

Current Affairs quiz 2022, Daily gk updates and Current affairs is playing a major role in any competitive exam. so here we are providing the current affairs quiz on daily basis for Bank, SSC, Railway and Other Government Competitive Examinations.

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Q.1. India and Which country have signed an MoU on Mutual Recognition of Educational Qualifications?

भारत और किस देश ने शैक्षिक योग्यता की पारस्परिक मान्यता पर एक समझौता ज्ञापन पर हस्ताक्षर किए हैं?

(a) USA / यूएसए

(b) China / चीन

(c) Finland / फिनलैंड

(d) UK / यूके

(e) Japan / जापान

Answer & Explanation

Exp. India signed an MoU with UK for Mutual Recognition of Educational Qualification

India and the United Kingdom have signed an MoU on Mutual Recognition of Educational Qualifications including maritime education and a Framework agreement on the health care workforce.

These agreements aim to facilitate closer alignment on education between India and UK as well as enhance short-term bilateral mobility and ensure mutual recognition of qualifications.

The MoU was signed by the Commerce Secretary of the Government of India, B V R Subrahmanyam and the Permanent Secretary of the Department of International Trade in the United Kingdom, James Bowler.

This MoU provides for mutual recognition of educational qualifications and duration of study undertaken by students within duly approved and recognized higher education institutions in the two countries.

On a reciprocal basis, Indian Senior Secondary School/Pre-University Certificates will be considered suitable for entry into UK higher education institutions. Similarly, the Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and Doctoral degree of India and the UK will also be considered equivalent to each other.

The Framework Agreement on Healthcare Workforce was signed by the Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, V Hekali Zhimomi from the Indian side.

The Agreement includes cooperation on Nursing and Allied Health Professionals (AHPs), training of healthcare professionals and measures to bridge the skill gap. The agreement will facilitate the recruitment and training of nurses and AHPs from India by the UK in a streamlined manner. Given the shortage of nurses in the UK.

Recent MoUs

NHPC signed an MoU with DVC for setting up hydropower projects and pump storage projects

India and Maldives signed an MoU for judicial cooperation to accelerate court digitization.

India signed an MoU with Namibia for wildlife conservation

JSW Steel partnered with BCG to accelerate decarbonization journey

Telangana government partnered with UNDP for Data in Climate Resilient Agriculture (DiCRA)

Q.2. Which state government has decided to appoint Deloitte India as a consultant for bringing the state’s economy to the USD 1 trillion mark?

किस राज्य सरकार ने राज्य की अर्थव्यवस्था को 1 ट्रिलियन अमेरिकी डॉलर तक लाने के लिए डेलॉइट इंडिया को एक सलाहकार के रूप में नियुक्त करने का निर्णय लिया है?

(a) Uttar Pradesh / उत्तर प्रदेश

(b) Gujarat / गुजरात

(c) Rajasthan / राजस्थान

(d) Punjab / पंजाब

(e) Haryana / हरियाणा

Answer & Explanation

Exp. UP govt ropes in Deloitte to make state USD 1 trillion economy

The Uttar Pradesh government has decided to appoint Deloitte India as a consultant to suggest plans for bringing the state’s economy to the USD 1 trillion mark.

The decision in this regard has taken on the recommendation of a high-power committee, at a cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

With a gross state domestic product (GSDP) of $238.8 billion, currently UP is ranked the 3rd largest economy in India.

To fulfil the Prime Minister’s resolve to make India a USD 5 trillion economy, the role of the most populous state of Uttar Pradesh is very important. A sector-wise action plan is being prepared by the state government to fulfil the goal of bringing the economy of Uttar Pradesh to 1 trillion US dollars.

Deloitte is an international professional services network headquartered in London.

About Uttar Pradesh

Capital – Lucknow

Chief Minister – Yogi Adityanath

Governor – Anandiben Patel

Q.3. What is the name of India’s first passenger drone, unveiled by PM Narendra Modi?

पीएम नरेंद्र मोदी द्वारा अनावरण किए गए भारत के पहले यात्री ड्रोन का नाम क्या है?

(a) Pawan / पवन

(b) Vayu / वायु

(c) Indra / इंद्र

(d) Varuna / वरुण

(e) Gagan / गगन

Answer & Explanation

Exp. PM Modi unveiled India’s first passenger drone, Varuna

India’s first drone that can carry human payload of up to 130 kgs was unveiled in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi during Naval Innovation and Indigenization Organization (NIIO) seminar ‘Swavlamban’ in New Delhi.

‘Varuna’ country’s first human carrying platform — pilot-less drone, has been indigenous developed by the Indian startup Sagar Defence Engineering. The drone has the capacity to carry one person inside.

India’s first electronic human carrying platform and the drone has been specially made for the Indian Navy, where the force can initially use it in transferring materials from one ship to another in future. A patient can also be taken to the hospital.

Presently, undergoing the land-based trial, Varuna will hit the sea trials in the next three months. The personal air mobility vehicle has the capability to fly till the range of 25km while carrying a payload of 130 kilograms. Further, it can endure between 25- 33 minutes.

Q.4. Which district has become the first ‘Har Ghar Jal’ certified district in the country?

कौन सा जिला देश का पहला ‘हर घर जलप्रमाणित जिला बन गया है?

(a) Indore / इंदौर

(b) Udaipur / उदयपुर

(c) Gwalior / ग्वालियर

(d) Lucknow / लखनऊ

(e) Burhanpur / बुरहानपुर

Answer & Explanation

Exp. Burhanpur of MP becomes the first district to certified ‘Har Ghar Jal’

Burhanpur also known as the ‘Darwaza of Dakhin’ in Madhya Pradesh has becomes the first ‘Har Ghar Jal’ certified district in the India.

Only 37,241 rural households (36.54 per cent) out of a total of 1,01, 905 households in Burhanpur had potable drinking water through tap connections at the time of the launch of Jal Jeevan Mission on 15th August 2019.

In addition to the households, all 640 schools, 547 Anganwadi centres and 440 other public institutions now also have tap connections. The 440 public institutions include 167 Gram Panchayats, 50 healthcare centres, 109 community centres, 45 ashramshalas, 2 community toilets and 67 other government offices.

The villages confirm that every household is getting a regular supply of water of prescribed quality and that there are no leakages from the distribution pipeline in the village, and that all the roads dug up to lay the water pipeline are restored upon completion of the water supply works.

Village Water and Sanitation Committee (VWSC) has been formed in all 254 villages. VWSC is responsible for the operation, maintenance and repair of water supply infrastructure developed under ‘Har Ghar Jal’ programme.

Goa, Telangana and Haryana, A&N Islands, D&N Haveli & Daman & Diu and Puducherry have provided 100 per cent tap water coverage.

Q.5. India and which country have agreed to effectively implement the Comprehensive Border Management Plan (CBMP)?

भारत और कौन सा देश व्यापक सीमा प्रबंधन योजना (सीबीएमपी) को प्रभावी ढंग से लागू करने के लिए सहमत हुए हैं?

(a) China / चीन

(b) Nepal / नेपाल

(c) Bhutan / भूटान

(d) Pakistan / पाकिस्तान

(e) Bangladesh / बांग्लादेश

Answer & Explanation

Exp. India and Bangladesh agreed for effective implementation of CBMP

India and Bangladesh have agreed to effectively implement the Comprehensive Border Management Plan (CBMP).

It will control border crimes including smuggling of drugs and narcotics, arms and ammunition, fake currency and gold among other things.

A Joint Record of Discussion (JRD) was signed between Border Security Force and Border Guards Bangladesh.

Both the countries agreed to strengthen the joint border patrolling especially during the night as a precautionary and effective way to bring down death and injury to unarmed citizens of both countries to zero.

The two countries also agreed to take initiatives for the speedy construction of barbed wire fences within 150 yards of the border at approved locations with approved design in consultation with higher authorities.

About Bangladesh

Capital– Dhaka

Currency – Taka

President – Mohammad Abdul Hamid

Prime Minister – Sheikh Hasina

Q.6. Which state cabinet has approved the new Employment Policy 2022-25 to provide job reservation for locals in industries?

किस राज्य कैबिनेट ने उद्योगों में स्थानीय लोगों के लिए नौकरी में आरक्षण प्रदान करने के लिए नई रोजगार नीति 2022-25 को मंजूरी दी है?

(a) Uttar Pradesh / उत्तर प्रदेश

(b) Gujarat / गुजरात

(c) Rajasthan / राजस्थान

(d) Maharashtra / महाराष्ट्र

(e) Karnataka / कर्नाटक

Answer & Explanation

Exp. Karnataka cabinet approved new employment policy, aims to increase jobs

The Karnataka state cabinet has approved the new Employment Policy 2022-25 to provide job reservation for local Kannadigas in industries.

Under the new policy, industries in expansion mode have to create additional jobs as specified for locals.

The policy aims at generating more employment in Karnataka.

Guidelines have been framed, under which they have specifically mentioned additional jobs for every incremental investment in medium, large, mega, ultra-mega and super-mega industries.

Medium scale firms with Rs 10 crores investment and minimum 20 staff have to give 10 jobs to locals

Large scale firms with Rs 50 crores investment with at least 60 staff has to create 50 more jobs

Mega scale firms with Rs 50 crores investment and a minimum 260 employees has to create additional 50 jobs for locals

Ultra-mega scale firms with Rs 50 crores investment and a minimum of 510 employees has to create 50 jobs

Mega scale companies with Rs 100 crores investment and a minimum of 1,000 employees has to create 50 jobs.

Q.7. Which of the following has inked gas sale agreements with GAIL India and Assam Gas Company Ltd (AGCL) to monetize its upcoming field at Khubal in the North Tripura district?

निम्नलिखित में से किसने उत्तरी त्रिपुरा जिले के खुबल में अपने आगामी क्षेत्र का मुद्रीकरण करने के लिए गेल इंडिया और असम गैस कंपनी लिमिटेड (AGCL) के साथ गैस बिक्री समझौता किया है?

(a) ONGC / ओएनजीसी

(b) NTPC limited / एनटीपीसी लिमिटेड

(c) HPCL / एचपीसीएल

(d) IOC / आईओसी

(e) Hindustan Petroleum / हिंदुस्तान पेट्रोलियम

Answer & Explanation

Exp. ONGC signed gas sale agreements with GAIL & AGCL

The ONGC has signed gas sale agreements with GAIL India and Assam Gas Company Ltd (AGCL) to monetize its upcoming field at Khubal in North Tripura district.

Under the agreement, the GAIL and AGCL will receive 50,000 standard cubic meter of gas each from Khubal Gas Gathering Station (GGS).

Once it starts production, Khubal will be the tenth producing field of ONGC in Tripura.

The Khubal gas field is expected to start production in 2024 in line with the commissioning of the Indra Danush Gas Grid Line (IGGL) pipeline, a critical and massive infrastructure project for the Northeast region’s gas sector.

About Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC)

Founded – 1956

Headquarters – New Delhi

Owner – Government of India (60.40%)

Life Insurance Corporation of India (9.69%)

Gas Authority of India Limited (5.45%)

Indian Oil Corporation (5.45%)

Recent Agreements

  • NASSCOM partnered with Google for DigiVaani Call Center
  • RBI and Bank Indonesia signed an MoU to improve mutual cooperation
  • RIL partnered with Athletics Federation of India to support Indian Athlete
  • Vedanta partners with IIT Madras incubated startup
  • SBICAP Ventures Ltd (SVL) signed an MoU with MEA for Trilateral Development Cooperation Fund

Q.8. The New Development Bank has approved USD 875 million for water, sanitation, ecotourism, and transport for which countries?

न्यू डेवलपमेंट बैंक ने किन देशों के लिए पानी, स्वच्छता, पारिस्थितिक पर्यटन और परिवहन के लिए 875 मिलियन अमरीकी डालर की मंजूरी दी है?

(a) India, Iraq & China /भारत, इराक और चीन

(b) Iran, Brazil & China / ईरान, ब्राजील और चीन

(c) India, Brazil & Iraq / भारत, ब्राजील और इराक

(d) India, Sri Lanka & China / भारत, श्रीलंका और चीन

(e) India, Brazil & China / भारत, ब्राजील और चीन

Answer & Explanation

Exp. NDB approved USD 875 million for development in Brazil, China and India

The New Development Bank has approved USD 875 million for water, sanitation, ecotourism and transport.

Investments will support the Brazil, China and India towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

In India, NDB will direct USD 79 million for the Meghalaya Ecotourism Infrastructure Development Project. Investments will foster much-needed infrastructure in Meghalaya state that will lead to the establishment of 5 ecotourism circuits. The project includes the construction of 114km of roads and bridges. NDB will also direct USD 70 million to the Lamphelpat Waterbody Rejuvenation Project.

In China, NDB approved EUR 265 million for the expansion of the Lanzhou Zhongchuan International Airport and RMB 805 million for the expansion of the Xi’an Xianyang International Airport.

In Brazil, NDB will channel USD 300 million that will contribute to connecting 592 thousand households to water supply and 727 thousand to sewage collection networks in the state of Sao Paulo. It also promotes environmental protection by augmenting wastewater treatment capacity, among other development outputs.

About New Development Bank (NDB)

Founded – 2015

Headquarters – Shanghai, China

Membership (9) – Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, Bangladesh, UAE, Uruguay & Egypt

President – Marcos Troyjo (Brazil)

Vice President – Anil Kishora (Indian)

Q.9. The European Central Bank (ECB) has raised its key interest rate by ______ percent.

यूरोपीय सेंट्रल बैंक (ईसीबी) ने अपनी प्रमुख ब्याज दर में ________ प्रतिशत की वृद्धि की है।

(a) 0.2

(b) 0.3

(c) 0.5

(d) 0.6

(e) 0.7

Answer & Explanation

Exp. European Central Bank raised interest rates after more than 11 years

The European Central Bank (ECB) has raised interest rates for the first time in more than 11 years as it tries to control soaring eurozone inflation.

The central bank of 19 nations that share the euro currency, raised its key interest rate by 0.5 percent or 50 basis points to zero as against the expectation of a smaller hike of 25 basis points.

The rate has been negative since 2014 to encourage banks to lend rather than deposit money with the bank. Consumer prices rose at a record rate of 8.6 per cent in 12 months to June.

Central banks around the world, including the Bank of England and America’s Federal Reserve, have been raising rates as price rises accelerate.

Q.10. India’s forex reserves fell to ______ USD billion as of 15 July 2022, the lowest in over 20 months.

15 जुलाई 2022 तक भारत का विदेशी मुद्रा भंडार गिरकर ______ USD बिलियन हो गया, जो 20 महीनों में सबसे कम है।

(a) 517.2

(b) 572.5

(c) 582.5

(d) 577.7

(e) 572.7

Answer & Explanation

Exp. Forex reserve declined to 20-month low to USD 572.7 billion from USD 7.5 billion

India’s foreign exchange reserves has dropped $7.5 billion to $572.7 billion during the week ended July 15, the latest data released by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) showed.

The reserves are now at 20-month low, lowest since November 6, 2020, when they were at $568 billion.

The decline in foreign exchange reserves during the week is mainly due to foreign currency assets that were down $6.5 billion.

Reserves have fallen about $60 billion in 2022, which was mainly due to aggressive intervention by the central bank to curb the sharp volatility in the foreign exchange market

Foreign exchange reserves depleted around $70 billion from its peak in September 2021.

Q.11. Who has been appointed as the acting president of The International Hockey Federation (FIH)?

अंतर्राष्ट्रीय हॉकी महासंघ (FIH) के कार्यकारी अध्यक्ष के रूप में किसे नियुक्त किया गया है?

(a) Jayanti Prasad / जयंती प्रसाद

(b) Rajiv Kumar / राजीव कुमार

(c) Vinayak Pai / विनायक पाई

(d) Rajarshi Gupta / राजर्षि गुप्ता

(e) Seif Ahmed / सैफ अहमद

Answer & Explanation

Exp. Egypt’s Seif Ahmed appointed as acting president of FIH

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) has appointed Egypt’s Seif Ahmed as its acting president followed Indian administrator Narinder Batra’s resignation from the post.

Batra resigned as FIH president and also quit as Indian Olympic Association (IOA) chief.

He also gave up his International Olympic Committee (IOC) membership which was directly linked with his IOA position.

Ahmed played for Egypt’s national team in 1968 and has a long association with the sport as an umpire and technical official. He is a member of the FIH Executive Board since 2001.

Batra became the president of FIH in 2016.

Recent Appointment

  • Whole time Member of IBBI – Jayanti Prasad
  • Managing Director of Tata Projects – Vinayak Pai
  • Managing Director of ONGC Videsh Limited – Rajarshi Gupta
  • Member of UPSC – Lt. Gen. Raj Shukla
  • MD of RattanIndia Power – Brijesh Gupta

Q.12. In July 2022, Dinesh Gunawardena took the oath as the new Prime Minister of which country?

जुलाई 2022 में, दिनेश गुणवर्धन ने किस देश के नए प्रधान मंत्री के रूप में शपथ ली है?

(a) Bangladesh / बांग्लादेश

(b) Maldives / मालदीव

(c) Bhutan / भूटान

(d) Mauritius / मॉरीशस

(e) Sri Lanka / श्रीलंका

Answer & Explanation

Exp. Dinesh Gunawardena takes oath as Sri Lanka’s new Prime Minister

In Sri Lanka, Dinesh Gunawardena took the oath as Sri Lanka’s new Prime Minister on 22 July 2022.

Gunawardena’s appointment comes a day after six-time Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe was sworn in as the country’s new President.

Sri Lanka’s new Cabinet of ministers was also sworn in on 22 July 2022.

About Sri Lanka

Legislative capital – Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte

Executive and Judicial capital – Colombo

Currency – Sri Lankan rupee

President – Ranil Wickremesinghe

Prime Minister – Dinesh Gunawardena

Q.13. Tokyo-based International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH) has appointed whom as its official representative in India?

टोक्यो स्थित इंटरनेशनल एसोसिएशन ऑफ पोर्ट्स एंड हार्बर्स (IAPH) ने किसे भारत में अपना आधिकारिक प्रतिनिधि नियुक्त किया है?

(a) Jayanti Prasad / जयंती प्रसाद

(b) Rajiv Kumar / राजीव कुमार

(c) Vinayak Pai / विनायक पाई

(d) Ennarasu Karunesan / एन्नारासु करुनेसां

(e) Seif Ahmed / सैफ अहमद

Answer & Explanation

Exp. IAPH appointed Ennarasu Karunesan as its representative in India

The International Association of Ports and Harbours (IAPH), a global ports forum for industry collaboration, has named Ennarasu Karunesan as its India representative.

He currently serves as an advisor to Indian Ports.

IAPH is the global trade association for seaports worldwide.

About International Association of Ports and Harbours (IAPH)

Founded – 1955

Headquarters – Tokyo, Japan

Recent Appointments

  • Director (Technical) of REC – VK Singh
  • MD & CEO of NSE – Ashish Kumar Chauhan
  • Non-independent non-executive director of IndiGo – M Damodaran
  • Deputy election commissioner – R K Gupta
  • President of International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) – Alvaro Lario

Q.14. Which statement is correct about the 68th National Film Awards?

68वें राष्ट्रीय फिल्म पुरस्कारों के बारे में कौन सा कथन सही है?

(i) Union Minister Anurag Thakur announced the award winners / केंद्रीय मंत्री अनुराग ठाकुर ने पुरस्कार विजेताओं की घोषणा की

(ii) Best Actor – Suriya for Tanhaji & Ajay Devgn for Soorarai Pottru / सर्वश्रेष्ठ अभिनेता – सूर्या को तन्हाजी के लिए और अजय देवगन को सोरारई पोट्रु के लिए

(iii) Most Film-Friendly State – Maharashtra / सर्वाधिक फिल्म अनुकूल राज्य – महाराष्ट्र

(iv) Best Director – Ayyappanum Koshiyum / सर्वश्रेष्ठ निर्देशक – अय्यप्पनम कोशियुम

(a) Only i

(b) Only ii

(c) Only ii & iii

(d) Only iii & iv

(e) Only i & iv

Answer & Explanation

Exp. 68th National Film Awards: Soorarai Pottru won Best Film award

The jury for the 68th National Film Awards has announced the winners for the year 2020 at the National Media Centre in New Delhi.

The event is organized by the Directorate of Film Festivals, which comes under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Anurag Thakur announced the award winners.

The National Award for Best Actor was won by Suriya for Soorarai Pottru and Ajay Devgn for Tanhaji, while Aparna Balamurali won the Best Actress Award for her performance in Soorarai Pottru.

The National Award for Most Film-Friendly State was awarded to Madhya Pradesh, and Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh received special mention.

The jury of this category was headed by filmmaker Priyadarshan.

68th National Film Awards 2022-

Best Feature Film- Soorarai Pottru

Best Actor- Suriya for Soorarai Pottru and Ajay Devgn for Tanhaji

Best Actress- Aparna Balamurali for Soorarai Pottru

Best Director- Sachidanandan KR, Ayyappanum Koshiyum

Best Supporting Actor- Biju Menon, Ayyappanum Koshiyam

Best Supporting Actress- Lakshmi Priya Chandramouli, Sivaranjaniyum Innam Sila Pengallum

Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment- Tanhaji

Best Action Direction Award- AK Ayyappanum Koshiyum

Best Choreography- Natyam (Telugu)

Best Lyrics- Manoj Muntashir for Saina (Hindi)

Best Male Playback Singer- Rahul Deshpande for Mi Vasantrao and Anish Mangesh Gosavi for Taktak

Best Female Playback Singer- Nanchamma, Ayyappanum Koshiyam

Best Music Direction- Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo, S Thaman

Best film on Social Issues- ‘Justice Delayed but Delivered & Three Sisters

Best Choreography- Natyam

Best Cinematography- Avijatrik

Best Audiography- Dollu, Mi Vasantrao, and Malik

Best Costume Design- Tanhaji

Best Production Design- Kappela

Best Editing- Sivaranjiniyum Innum Sila Pengalum

Best Make-up- Natyam

Best Screenplay- Soorarai Pottru, Sudha Kongara, and Mandela, Madonne Ashwin

Best Stunt Choreography- Ayyappanum Koshiyum

Special Jury Award

Best Feature Film in Hindi- Toolsidas Junior

Best Feature Film in Kannada- Dollu

Best Feature Film in Malayalam- Thinkalazhcha Nishchayam

Best Feature Film in Tamil- Sivaranjiniyum Innum Sila Pengalum

Best Feature Film in Telugu- Colour Photo

Best Feature Film in Haryanvi- Dada Lakhmi

Best Feature Film in Dimasa- Samkhor

Best Feature Film in Tulu- Jeetige

Feature Film Awards:

Best Hindi Film: Toolsidas Junior

Best Malayalam Film: Thinkalazcha Nishchayam

Best Telugu Film: Colour Photo

Best Bengali Film: Avijatrik

Best Assamese Film: Bridge

Best Tulu Film: Jeetige

Best Tamil Film: Sivaranjaniyum Innum Sila Pengallum

Best Marathi Film: Gostha Eka Paithanichi

Best Kannada Film: Dollu

Best Dimasa Film: Semkhor

Best Haryanvi Film: Dada Lakhmi

Q.15. Which actor has been awarded “the Golden Visa” by The United Arab Emirates (UAE) government?

संयुक्त अरब अमीरात (यूएई) सरकार द्वारा किस अभिनेता को “गोल्डन वीज़ासे सम्मानित किया गया है?

(a) Salman Khan / सलमान खान

(b) Amitabh Bachchan / अमिताभ बच्चन

(c) Dharmendra / धर्मेंद्र

(d) Rajnikanth / रजनीकांत

(e) Kamal Haasan / कमल हसन

Answer & Explanation

Exp. UAE honoured Kamal Haasan by granting him Golden Visa

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has granted Kamal Haasan, one of the Tamil film industry’s top stars, its prestigious ‘Golden Visa.’

The UAE Golden Visa is a long-term residence visa system, extending from 5 to 10 years.

It is granted to achievers from various fields, professionals and those with promising abilities.

Kamal is not the only one to have been granted the Golden Visa. Prior to him, several actors including Nasser, Mammootty, Mohanlal, Tovino Thomas, Parthiepan, Amala Paul and Shah Rukh Khan received it.

About United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Capital– Abu Dhabi

Currency – Dirham

President – Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan

Recent Awards

Mother Teresa Memorial Award by the Maharashtra govt. – Dia Mirza & Afroz Shah

Mrs Universe Divine Crown in South Korea – Pallavi Singh (India)

Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star award by Japan Govt. – Narayanan Kumar VC of Sanmar Group

CII Quality Ratna Awards 2021 – Ashok Soota

Shiromani Award at NRI World Summit 2022 – Michelle Poonawalla

Q.16. Dream Sports has announced a 5-year exclusive deal with which cricket governing body to build a comprehensive suite of digital fan engagement products?

ड्रीम स्पोर्ट्स ने डिजिटल फैन एंगेजमेंट उत्पादों का एक व्यापक सूट बनाने के लिए किस क्रिकेट शासी निकाय के साथ 5 साल के विशेष सौदे की घोषणा की है?

(a) South Africa / दक्षिण अफ्रीका

(b) India / भारत

(c) New Zealand / न्यूजीलैंड

(d) Australia / ऑस्ट्रेलिया

(e) England / इंग्लैंड

Answer & Explanation

Exp. Dream Sports signed deal with New Zealand Cricket for NFTs, gaming & merchandising

Dream11 parent Dream Sports has announced a 5-year exclusive deal with New Zealand’s cricket governing body New Zealand Cricket (NZC) to build a comprehensive suite of digital fan engagement products.

The partnership will span across gaming, merchandising and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Rario is the latest addition to the Dream Sports portfolio after it led a $120 million Series A round last month through its arm Dream Capital. Rario claims the largest share of cricket NFT rights globally.

About New Zealand

  • Capital –Wellington
  • Currency –Dollar
  • Prime Minister –Jacinda Ardern

Q.17. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has introduced a new A+ category for ________ in domestic cricket.

भारतीय क्रिकेट कंट्रोल बोर्ड (BCCI) ने घरेलू क्रिकेट में ________ के लिए एक नई A+ श्रेणी की शुरुआत की है।

(a) Coaches / कोच

(b) Batsman / बल्लेबाज

(c) Umpires / अंपायर

(d) Ground Staffs / ग्राउंड स्टाफ

(e) Bowlers / गेंदबाज

Answer & Explanation

Exp. BCCI introduced a new A+ category for umpires

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has introduced a new A+ category for its umpires and Nitin Menon, along with ten other officials, have been grouped in the category.

The others in the A+ category include four international umpires — Anil Chaudhary, Madangopal Jayaraman, Virender Kumar Sharma and K N Ananthapadmabhanan. Rohan Pandit, Nikhil Patwardhan, Sadashiv Iyer, Ulhas Gandhe and Navdeep Singh Sidhu are also part of the A+ category.

Twenty umpires including C Shamshuddin form the A group, 60 are in Group B, 46 in Group C and 11 in Group D which falls in the 60-65 age bracket.

Umpires in A+ and A category are paid Rs 40,000 a day for a first-class game while Rs 30,000 a day are paid in the B and C category.

Q.18. _____ edition of Khelo India Fencing Women’s league will start on 25 July 2022 at the Talkatora Indoor Stadium, New Delhi.

खेलो इंडिया फेंसिंग विमेंस लीग का _____ संस्करण 25 जुलाई 2022 को तालकटोरा इंडोर स्टेडियम, नई दिल्ली में शुरू होगा।

(a) First / पहला

(b) Second / दूसरा

(c) Third / तीसरा

(d) Fourth / चौथा

(e) Fifth / पांचवां

Answer & Explanation

Exp. 1st Khelo India Fencing Women’s League to start from 25 July 2022

The 1st Khelo India Fencing Women’s League will start from 25 July 2022 at the Talkatora Indoor Stadium, New Delhi.

To be held over three phases, the first-of-its-kind national fencing competition for women will take place until July 29.

Over 300 women across 20 States have registered to participate in the event in the Cadet (U-17), Junior (U-20) and Senior (13 and above) categories. Tokyo Olympian and Target Olympic Podium Scheme (TOPS) athlete Bhavani Devi will be a participant in the league in the Senior category Sabre event.

She is representing the State of Tamil Nadu. Also, other TOPS athletes participating in the league include Shreya Gupta (J&K) – Sabre, Vedika Khusi (Chattisgarh) – Sabre, Taniksha Khatri (Haryana) – Epee and Sheetal Dalal (Haryana) – Epee.

The participants also are representing SAI National Centres of Excellence (NCOEs) from Imphal, Aurangabad, Guwahati and Patiala.

It will be held across three phases. While Phase 1 and 2 is scheduled in New Delhi, the final phase will take place in Patiala. A total of Rs 1.54 Crore has been sanctioned by the Sports Authority of India over the conduct of the league across the three phases. The prize money for each phase has been earmarked at Rs 17.10 Lakh.

Q.19. Which day is celebrated as National Flag Adoption Day?

किस दिन को राष्ट्रीय ध्वज अंगीकरण दिवस के रूप में मनाया जाता है?

(a) 22 July / 22 जुलाई

(b) 18 July / 18 जुलाई

(c) 19 July / 19 जुलाई

(d) 20 July / 20 जुलाई

(e) 21 July / 21 जुलाई

Answer & Explanation

Exp. 22 July – National Flag Adoption Day

Every year, India celebrates National Flag Adoption Day on July 22.

It was on this day that the tricolour was adopted as the national flag of India in 1947.

The motion to adopt the tricolour as the national flag of India was put forward by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru on 22 July 1947 in the Constituent Assembly.

The National Flag of India was designed by Indian freedom fighter Pingali Venkayya.

Q.20. When is National Broadcasting Day observed every year?

हर साल राष्ट्रीय प्रसारण दिवस कब मनाया जाता है?

(a) 22 July / 22 जुलाई

(b) 18 July / 18 जुलाई

(c) 19 July / 19 जुलाई

(d) 23 July / 23 जुलाई

(e) 21 July / 21 जुलाई

Answer & Explanation

Exp. 23 July – National Broadcasting Day

National Broadcasting Day is observed on 23 July every year.

On this day in 1927, the first-ever radio broadcast in the country went on the air from the Bombay Station under a private company, the Indian Broadcasting Company.

On the 8 June 1936, the Indian State Broadcasting Service became All India Radio.

Radio broadcasting services started in India during the British rule in 1923.

Indian radio had an enormous impact on the creation of an independent India. Both the Azad Hind Radio of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and the Congress Radio helped rouse Indians against the British before independence.

Akashvani was also instrumental in helping Bangladesh gain independence from AIR now comprises 420 stations across the country, reaching nearly 92% of the area and 99% of the total population.

AIR is owned by Prasar Bharti, which is a statutory autonomous body set up by an Act of parliament and besides AIR, it comprises Doordarshan Television Network and Prasar Bharati News oppressive Pakistan in the 1971 war.




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