Delhi placed worst in “Air Quality and Health in Cities” report:

Delhi placed worst in “Air Quality and Health in Cities” report

According to a report named “Air Quality and Health in Cities” Delhi placed first among more than 7000 cities around the world. This report was released by the US based Health Effects Institute on Wednesday. Another city of India, Kolkata, is on the second place in the world’s most polluted cities. 

The Health Effects Institute in the US studied the pollution and global health issues and concluded the results in this report. Delhi left behind more than 7000 cities around the world and came first. It is an alarm for the national capital to take action to combat air pollution.

Other estimations:

This report was prepared upon the two factors- find particulate matter emissions (PM2.5) and nitrogen dioxide emissions. These are two most dangerous pollutants. The two cities of India,Delhi and Kolkata, came under the first factor that was particulate matter emissions. According to the aspect of nitrogen dioxide emissions these two cities didn’t come under the top 20 most polluted cities. 

According to the report the particulate matter emission in Delhi is highest around the world that makes it the world’s most polluted city. The health of the citizens who dwell in the city is at a dangerous level. The air pollution is arising day by day and the situation is getting worse.

More findings:

Irrespective of fine particulate matter emissions the nitrogen dioxide emissions in the Indian cities is low. It can be good news. The Health Effects Institute has analysed data between 2010 and 2019 to prepare its report. 

It also found that the pattern of these two most dangerous pollutants is different from country to country. The fine particulate matter emission is high in the low and middle income countries and irrespective of that the nitrogen dioxide emission is the highest in the high income level countries and also in low and middle income countries.

The annual average exposure of pollution in Delhi is 110 microgram per cubic metre and in Kolkata it is 84 microgram per cubic metre. There were not any Indian cities in the top 20 most polluted cities when nitrogen dioxide emission is compared. In this list Shanghai tops with the average annual exposure of 41 microgram per cubic metre.

Role of nitrogen dioxide in pollution:

Nitrogen dioxide is emitted from the burning of fuel in vehicles, power plants, factories, residential cooking and heating. Those people who live near the factories and busy roads are more likely to come in danger due to high exposure of nitrogen dioxide. That’s why in the urban areas the level of nitrogen dioxide is higher than rural areas. 

The nature of nitrogen dioxide is highly reactive. Because of this high reactive nature it reacts with other matters and forms new dangerous pollutants. The global average of exposure of nitrogen dioxide in 2019 was 15.5 microgram per cubic metre. 


Delhi and Kolkata were ranked first and second respectively in the Air Quality and Health in Cities report. It is a sign of the bad condition of these cities in terms of air pollution. It is the time when robust actions are needed to combat pollution in India.

Questions And Answers:

Q1. Which city came first in the Air Quality and Health in Cities report?

Ans. Delhi.

Q2. Which Indian city ranked 2nd in this report?

Ans. Kolkata.

Q3. What is the name of the institute which released the report?

Ans. Air Quality and Health in Cities released by Health Effects Institute.

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