Dhordo- The best tourism village 2023: UNWTO

Dhordo- The best tourism village 2023: UNWTO

A new milestone has recently been achieved by the prominent state Gujarat which is also famous for its rich culture and tourist destinations.
Dhordo, a village in Gujarat which is also known as the white runn of kutch, has been honored with the prestigious award by the United Nation World Tourism Organization( UNWTO).
Dhordo has received the award for best tourism village across the world for the year of 2023. It is the best news for India and without any doubt it is a proud moment for the citizens of our country as well as for the state of Gujarat.

Some crucial dimensions by UNWTO:

Dhordo now becomes the best tourism village in the world and this prestigious award is given by UNWTO yearly by assessing the performance across some dimensions.
There are nine crucial dimensions to denote a village to the best tourism village and Dhordo has reached all of these levels.
These nine dimensions are-
1. Cultural and natural resources
2. Social stability
3. Economic sustainability
4. Promotion and conservation of culture heritage
5. Environmental sustainability
6. Value chain integration
7. Tourism potential and development
8. Landscape presentation
9. Culture diversity

A pride moment for India:

India is achieving many milestones especially in culture heritage and this adds a new frame in these achievements.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also expressed his emotion and happiness towards this news. Again India has been recognised by a world organization and Gujarat played an Important role.
There are many heritage sites which are present in Gujarat but the most famous one is the white runn of kutch. It is an international tourist destination and every year many tourists come to this place to embrace the beauty of kutch.
Dhordo is also going to host the famous Runn Utsav from the 1st November 2023. Dhordo is the main beauty of Gujarat and it is the only village in India which has received the most prestigious award Best tourism village 2023 by the United Nation World Tourism Organization.


Runn of kutch is the largest salt desert of the world which is situated in the state of Gujarat in India. Dhordo is the main entrance of this white beauty.
There are also many famous tourist spots near the dhordo village in Gujarat. The recognition from UNWTO as the best tourism village makes India more confident to promote its culture and heritage sites.

Important Questions:

1. Which village from India is conferred to the best tourism village by UNWTO in 2023?
2. Describe some recent achievements of India in the field of cultural heritage.
3. What are some techniques to promote and conserve cultural heritage?
4. When and where the Runn Utsav is going to be held?

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