Emergency meeting on Missile attack on Poland

Emergency meeting on Missile attack on Poland

World leaders gathering at the G20 summit in Bali called an emergency meeting to diffuse a potential escalation in the months-long Ukraine war after a “Russian-made” missile landed inside NATO-member Poland killing two people.

Missile attack in Poland:

The missile shored outside the rural Polish village of Przewodow which is about four miles (6.4 kilometers) west from the Ukrainian border. This incident happened roughly the same time as Russia launched its biggest wave of missile attacks on Ukrainian cities in more than a month.

The circumstances surrounding the incident remained unclear as marks the first time a NATO country has been directly struck during the almost nine-month conflict.

Who fired the missiles at Poland?

As per the official information received, it has not been identified who fired the missile, or precisely where it was fired from.

Russia side: Although the Polish Foreign Ministry has believed that the missile is “Russian-made.”

But the conflict is that both Russian and Ukrainian forces are used to Russian-made munitions during the Russia-Ukraine conflict and Ukraine is considered for deploying Russian-made missiles as part of their air defense system.

Ukraine side: Initial findings intimate that missile that hit Poland might be fired by Ukrainian forces at incoming Russian missile.

Emergency meeting at G20 summit:

US president Joe Biden called an emergency meeting with G7 and NATO leaders to response on this matter.

After the meeting, Joe Biden said to reporters that preliminary information hinted it was “unlikely” the missile was fired from within Russia but was unable to say conclusively until the investigation was complete.

USA has agreed to support Poland’s investigation into the explosion and they made sure to be figured out exactly what happened. The leaders offered sympathy over the death of two people.


Question & Answer:

Q1. In which country the ‘Russian-made’ missile strike recently?

Ans. Poland

Q2. Which is the capital city of Poland and its currency?

Ans. Capital city- Warsaw, Currency- Polish Zloty

Q3. Where headquarter of North Atlantic Treat Organisation (NATO) is located?

Ans. Brussels, Belgium

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