Essence of Life – Food for Thought

What to aspire for ?

Profession is the most important part of one’s existence today, obviously after family. More than half of our active day is spent in our workspaces, so it is surely a key thing. We have to be really sure of what we want to do with our lives. Sometimes there are distractions like money, glamour, lifestyle, fame which fascinate us so much so that we deviate from the real stuff. Such fascinations are generally short- lived. We must understand our strengths and weaknesses well, before zeroing the career option for ourselves. To have a long-term and successful career, one needs to focus on his/her passion in the life.

We have abundant career options available today, like never before in the world. It could be academics that may go for engineering/medical/teaching, could be serving the society that may go for NGO, could be fitness that may go for Sports/health, could be talking that may go for voice process, could be argumentation that may go for a lawyer, could be sharing experiences that may go for counsellors, so on and so forth. In fact, whatever was earlier considered less worthy or time-pass have now turned into much recognized professions like dancing, travelling, blogging, freelancing.

There is no reason for anybody to be upset about. Whoever was considered good for nothing, we have reality shows running for them. They just need to know their talent of gossiping, overcoming fear, making love,  so even they have something to do to earn.

In the nutshell, if you want to go far and high in your careers, you must do one of the 2 things. Be passionate and sincere towards what you do or do whatever you are passionate and sincere about. Self-manifestation is the mantra. Love the life while living it. Wishing all the readers much good luck to achieve their dreams and beliefs.


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