G20 Summit kicked off in Indonesia

G20 Summit kicked off in Indonesia

The three day G20 summit is kicked off in Bali, Indonesia where most of the developed and developing or major economies leaders gathered to talk about global challenges and solution they need at now.

The host of G20 summit, Indonesia, pleads leaders of the Group of 20 (G20) nations to open talks on Tuesday (i.e. 15 November) for unity and concrete action to mend the global economy despite deep rifts over the war in Ukraine.

Nusa Dua G20 summit:

Presidency holding Indonesia has already regulated strict protocols in place for the talks and the Nusa Dua district, which hosting the summit, has been under lockdown from 11 November till the end of summit.

Indian Prime Minister at G20 Summit:

India’s PM Narendra Modi has addressed the session on “food and energy security” at the G-20 summit in Bali, Indonesia. Here are main points he discussed at the summit:

Ceasefire: He asserted that the G-20 leaders have to find a way to return to the path of ceasefire and diplomacy in Ukraine.

Crisis of double whammy: He stressed about the challenges for the poor citizens of every country are more severe due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Even it has been the crisis of essential goods and lack of financial capacity of the poor a “double whammy” after Russia-Ukraine war.

Global environment issue: PM Modi termed “challenging global environment” towards the current phase of climate change, the Covid pandemic, the developments in Ukraine, and the global problems associated with it.

G-20 summit in India: The Prime Minister hoped that next year’s G-20 summit in New Delhi might have a strong message of peace.

Food security measurement: India promoting natural farming and re-popularising nutritious and traditional food-grains like millets as it highlights the food security measurement adopted by India for sustainable food security. The usage of Millets is the solution for global malnutrition and hunger.

The sideline talks between USA and China:

  • S. President Joe Biden China’s leader Xi Jinping had talks on the eve of the G20 on an array of issues including Taiwan and North Korea.
  • It is the first in-person meeting since Biden became president.
  • The two leaders accorded to allow senior officials to renew communication on climate, debt relief and other issues.

Leaders from around the world:

Britain: British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak continued his support for Ukraine at the G20 while confirming a long-planned order for warships from BAE Systems.

Europe: It will engage with China but needs to “rebalance” the relationship to avoid becoming too reliant on the country for areas like innovative technology.

Australia: Australia Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol are all due to hold bilateral meetings with Xi.

Saudi Arabia: Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman left Saudi Arabia on Monday to attend the summit and will visit other Asian states, state media said, without specifying which countries.

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Question & Answer:

Q1. At which place the three day G-20 summit is being organized?

Ans. Bali, Indonesia

Q2. How many countries included in G-20 (Group of 20)?

Ans. 19 countries and European Union

Q3. Which nation will take the presidency from current holding Indonesia for the next year 2023?

Ans. India





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