Get Motivate before going to give IBPS Clerk Prelims 2018 | You Rocks Guys :-)

Hello Guys!   As you know IBPS declared admit card for the IBPS Clerk from 8th Dec to 9th Dec and this is last IBPS exam for 2018. Many of us who fail in IBPS PO, RRB are waiting for this. Only 10 days are remaining for this war and we need to prepare our self. And Ambitious Baba team want to say you “Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you.”   These 10 days are very important for you, These 10 days decide you are in the race or out. Success never comes from Comfort Zone. So make a Promise to yourself you will make impossible to possible and impossible means “I m possible”.

 We are giving some tips from our own Exam Experience.

  • Your focus shouldn’t be on HOW LONG you studied but on HOW MUCH you studied with your concentration.
  • Most of the candidates feel low after IBPS RRB and PO result so please don’t be because it makes your confidence LOW and most important things you required for passing the exam is Confidence build your confidence.
  • You can attempt Test series for check your speed and make planning for how to attempting Exam but not for check your score because if you get low score your confidence will be down. This is my personal experience. I never attempt any TEST before the 10-15 days exam for score always I attempted for the planning.
  • Attempt daily quiz from website, by this your syllabus and tricks which you learn will be revised and confidence also increase.
  • The optimal period of continuous study is 2 hours. Each period of 2 hours can again be broken down into slots of 25 minutes of solid studying followed by 5 minutes of break. If you need to continue studying, take longer breaks of around 20 minutes after every 2 hours.
  • When you are on ‘break’, you should keep your mind free from any exam related thoughts or stress. If you use the break time to discuss the syllabus with friends or plan your next round of studying, then your mind is not on a break. If your mind doesn’t take a break, the next round of studying is not going to be as effective.
  • Always before the 10 days from exam revise only those chapters which are your favourite and you are Maharathi in those chapter. You can revise other chapter but don’t waste your time on this.
  • Prepare your Cheat Sheet. I always do, write your short tricks on paper and revise daily even on the exam day also.
  • Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction, yes daily set your goal at the time of sleep and accomplish it on next day.
  • At the time of sleeping always watch motivational video and watch it daily.

All the best for IBPS CLERK PRELIMS 2018 🙂

Be Ambitious 🙂


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