GK Questions asked in IDBI AM Exam 2022: 23rd July 2022

GA Questions asked in IDBI AM 23 JULY 2022

IDBI conducted IDBI AM 2022 exam today i.e. 23 July 2022. here we have provided GA Questions asked in IDBI AM 2022 . You can check and Tally you GA Questions answer asked in IDBI AM 2022. Most of the aspirants attend IDBI AM 2022 exam today are eagerly waiting for GA Questions Asked in IDBI AM 2022. Below You can check the GA Questions with Answer asked in IDBI AM 2022.

1.No carbon emission state by 2050?

2.No carbon emission country by 2030

3.Author of Kaali….book?

4.Ranking of India in Startup Ecosystem?

5.Project Kuiper by which Agency?

6.2nd popular language in Special Drawing rights IMF?

7.Highest Lithium producing Country?

8.Highest coal producing zone?

9.Top country in world press freedom Index?

10.Top cement company?

11.Bank interest rate hike by how much percentage?

12.1st gold medal by India in Hockey?

13. PM Vandana scheme for how many years?

14.Insolvency and Bankruptcy related…

15.National Pension related…

16.Capital Adequacy related…

17.Which country banned testing of missiles?

18.Living route bridge related questions?

19. JK tied with which country for trade of sheep?

20. Money market data related questions….

21. MITC, M=?

22. PSB interest increase related question statement question?

23.Gagan related spacecraft questions?

24.Minimum fraud of corporate insolvency resolution?

25.Maximum Limit for Soverign Gold Scheme?

26.Top state in FDI?

27.Gold monetization long term…..

28.Gagan by which airline?

29.Commercial paper related….

30.Call money, Notice money, term money time period related true false questions.

31.Atal pension yojana related questions…..

32.IMF current basket 2nd rank?

33. Bank Asset related one question


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