GK Questions asked in Para 13.2, 2019 Exam

GK questions Asked in para 13.2, 2019 Exam:

As we all know that III conducted Para 13.2 exam for Assistant every year for promotion in insurance sector. So here we are proving the Questions Asked in Para 13.2 2019 exam. You can Check the GK Questions Asked in para 13.2 exam 2019.

The Para 13.2 previous year GA Questions  will help the aspirant in better preparation and plan according to it.  Having an idea about the previous year questions of the Para 13.2  exam will help the aspirant to plan the strategy for the preparation of the exam of the current year.Ι

EXAM DATE: 2nd June, 2019

  1. KYC Full form: Know your Customer
  2. Highest polling station in 2019 lokha sabha election: Tashigang, Himachal Pradesh
  3. Man international booker prize 2019 winner: Jokha Alharthi from Oman
  4. Mundra Thermal Power Station Location: Gujarat
  5. National Sports Day Celebrated on whose Birth Day: Dhyan Chand
  6. justin gatlin related to: Athletics
  7. PMFBY covers which sector: Crop Insurance
  8. CM Of chattisgarh: Bhupesh Bagal
  9. Jallianwala Bagh massacre took place on: 1919 (13th April)
  10. Bargi Multipurpose project situated in: Madya Pradesh
  11. Mrinal sen Related to: Film Maker
  12. Who becomes first Indian to be elected to ISSF’s vice-president: Raninder Singh
  13. Ease of doing business topped by which state: Andra Pradesh
  14. CRISIL Major share holder: Standard & Poor’s
  15. Tarun collateral free loan limit: 5 to 10 lakh
  16. Manama Capital and Largest City of: Bahrain
  17. Uzbekistan capital: Tashkent
  18. PM inaugurated Jharsuguda Airport in : Odisha
  19. Olympics 2020 place: Tokyo, Japan
  20. Yajnaseni story of Draupadi written by: Pratibha Ray
  21. FIFA Head quarters in: Paris France
  22. Global risk report released by: World Economic Forum
  23. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime is: Vienna, Austria
  24. Which of the following are Cryptocurrency (bitcoin, litecoin, Ethereum): All of these
  25. Function of SEBI: Regulation of stock exchange
  26. Largest individual shareholder of SIDBI: LIC/SBI (Options were NABARD, SBI, LIC and GOI; SIDBI is wholly owned subsidiary of IDBI, Now IDBI is owned by LIC. I’m unable to recall the Exact question which is asked in the exam, whether it was who owns it or who is the largest individual share holder of it, if the question was later then the Answer would be SBI else LIC, pls check for correctness)
  27. Capital first which merged with IDFC Earlier it was: NBFC
  28. Current reverse repo rate: 5.50%
  29. What is P in PCR: Public Credit Registry
  30. What is E in EMI: Equated monthly installment
  31. UN International Day of Education: 24 January (It was Declared in Dec, 2018)
  32. NATO Next Summit in: London, UK
  33. Leo varadkar youngest PM of : Ireland
  34. India’s first Videsh Bhavan opened in which place of Maharashtra: Mumbai
  35. PFRDA HQ: New Delhi
  36. Indravati national park Located in: Chhattisgarh
  37. India’s first underwater Metro tunnel connects: Kolkata to Howrah
  38. Narora power plant Located in: Uttar Pradesh
  39. Machu Picchu is in: Peru
  40. The 2018 Men’s Hockey World Cup Winner: Belgium
  41. April 2019 GST collection is between: Rs. 1,13,865 Crores (option was 1.1 to 1.2 lakh crore)
  42. On Republic Day who hoists national flag at Raj Path: President of India
  43. Ashok pillar found in which place: Sarnath, UP
  44. National animal of India: Tiger
  45. Bond which does not make periodic interest payments and where the face value is repaid at the time of maturity: Zero-coupon bond
  46. Name equity, failure to meet the legal obligations (or conditions) of a loan: Default equity
  47. fund that invests in high-quality, short-term debt instruments, cash, and cash equivalents: Money market fund
  48. Which city is renamed to prayagraj: Allahabad
  49. Atal Pension Yojana/Scheme is for: Unorganized sector
  50. Statistical measure of the dispersion of returns for a given security or market index is called: Volatility

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