Google dedicates doodle to ‘Weather Woman of India’ Anna Mani

Google dedicates doodle to ‘Weather Woman of India’ Anna Mani

Google is known for celebrating eminent personalities from different fields of excellence by dedicating doodle on personality.

Today on August 23 Google is honoring Indian physicist Anna Mani after dedicating ‘Google Doodle’ on her. The tech giant ‘Google’ is dedicating a special doodle on 104th birth anniversary of Anna Mani.

Google has observed the occasion with a vibrant illustration of Mani on its homepage. Mani was among one of the first women scientists in India. Her work and contribution as a physicist and meteorologist was the significant towards the way for accurate weather predictions in India.

Anna Modayil Mani:

Anna Modayil Mani was born in 1918 at Peermade in Kerala.

Anna Mani was inspired by Gandhi’s Vaikom Satyagraha which encouraged her to wear garments only made of Khadi.

Anna Mani started her career as a young scientist and she set out her career in research under the guidance of Nobel Laureate CV Raman at the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru.

Her expertise on spectroscopy of diamonds and rubies encouraged her to write five research papers and a dissertation on them. She was refused a PhD as she did not have a master’s degree regardless of her detailed work.

Contribution in research and advanced technology:

Anna Mani got an opportunity and went to achieve a specialization on meteorological instruments at the Imperial College London.

She joined the Indian Meteorology Department (IMD) after returning to India. Mani guided around 100 weather-related instruments for production.

Mani also facilitated in setting monitoring stations across India to monitor solar radiations to harness solar energy.

Her Discovery:

Anna Mani had started working on atmospheric Ozone in 1960 far before the world discovered the functions of the Ozone layer.

She is also credited with designing Ozonesode, an instrument to measure atmospheric ozone.

Besides, she was also credited for setting up a meteorological observatory at Thumba facility. The scientist has issued numerous books on solar thermal systems and is idolized figure in meteorology.

Question & Answer:

Q1. Google dedicates its doodle on whose 105th birth anniversary on 23rd August?

Ans. Anna Modayil Mani

Q2. Who started working on atmospheric Ozone first time in world in 1960?

Ans. Anna Mani

Q3. What is the known name given to Anna Mani?

Ans. Weather Woman of India

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