Google doodle on birth anniversary of ‘Fastest Woman in the world’

Google doodle on birth anniversary of ‘Fastest Woman in the world’

Google has created doodle to pay tribute to the ace race driver’s daredevil career on her 77th birth anniversary. Kitty O’Neil was crowned as the fastest woman in the world. Kitty O’Neil gained the title of the ‘fastest woman alive’ in 1976.

Who was Kitty O’Neil?

Born: March 24, 1946

  • Kitty O’Neil was an American races and stuntwoman. Due to her skill and brave personality, Kitty O’Neil became a well-known action figure in the film industry.
  • Today, she also remembered as a legendary American stunt performer, daredevil and rocket-powered vehicle driver.
  • She was deaf since childhood thus Washington DC-based deaf guest artist Meeya Tijang illustrated the Google doodle for O’Neil that depicts her standing tall holding a helmet background of a flying chopper and racing car.
  • O’Neil was the first woman to join an organisation for Hollywood’s top stunt performers called Stunts Unlimited.
  • In 1976, she was crowned the ‘fastest woman alive’ after racing across the Alvord Desert at 512.76 miles per hour.
  • A biopic on O’Neil’s life titled ‘Silent Victory: The Kitty O’Neil Story’ was published in 1979.


A True Action-Star in real life:

  • At a very young age, when she was just a few months old, O’Neil contracted several diseases led to an intense fever that ultimately resulted in losing hearing.
  • But she had not lost her moral and learned various communication modes and adapted for different audiences throughout her life.


Love for high-speed sports:

A true action-lover, O’Neil got so much interest and love in high-speed sports such as water skiing and motorcycle racing.

She started performing dangerous stunts such as falling from unsettling heights while set on fire or jumping from helicopters.

Her performance in Films & TV industry:

O’Neil entered the film and TV industry as a stunt double and performed in many hits such as ‘The Bionic Woman’ (1976), ‘Wonder Woman’ (1977-1979), and ‘The Blues Brothers’ (1980).

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