How to qualify any preliminary exam of Banking in the first attempt?

How to qualify any preliminary exam of Banking in the first attempt?

In order to start your preparation for any exam, you need to understand every detail of the exam which includes exam pattern, syllabus, duration of exam, important topics and finally the resources you will be using.

♦What exams does bank conduct?

Banking is a sector which attracts most of the youth because of prestige and facilities it offers to its workers. So, it is very obvious that they will be taking a kind of examination that will test your brain inside out and your capability to handle the post.

Most of the banking sector organizes the exam in 2 phases: prelims and mains.

In Banking Sector, following exams are conducted:

  • SBI PO
  • SBI Clerk
  • IBPS Clerk
  • IBPS RRB Clerk
  • RBI Assistant
  • SBI SO
  • RBI Grade A

♦What is prelims exam?

  • Prelims is the first phase examination organized by banking sectors. It filters out the capable minds which are further tested on a higher level before appointment of candidates.

♦Preparation depends upon the type of aspirant

  • If you are aspiring to appear in the exam. There are usually 2 kinds of students one who has already tried attempting the exam and knows about the exam and other who is a fresher and needs to know about exams in detail. We will help both these group to crack the exam in next time they will sit in the exam.

What is asked and how to prepare for the bank exams?

  • Reasoning, English, quantitative aptitude are the main pillars of the prelims examination. You need to have a command on these subjects. For prelims exam, you don’t need to practice tough and lengthy questions because in prelims very easy questions are asked. They just try to test your speed there in the Prelims.

Note: You will have to work on your speed and accuracy both. But you have to keep in mind that in the prelims examination speed matters a lot. Increase your speed in Reasoning and Quant.

Here are some tips for each subject:

  1. Reasoning: just do 2-3 puzzles & seating arrangements and practice 15-20 miscellaneous questions daily (we provide reasoning question daily on our website). Fix the number of questions you will be solving (at least 15-20 everyday). It will help you enormously during the exam.
  2. English: Read English newspapers is the best way to prepare English section. It will also help in your current affairs preparation. You can follow The Hindu newspaper and to save your time you can follow this (The Hindu Editorial Vocab) and note down daily updated The Hindu vocabulary from here.
  • Read English novel.
  • Keep a pocket dictionary with you.
  • Daily practice RC, jumbles, sentence correction, errors etc. from here ( link).

3. Quantitative aptitude/Maths: Try to learn the trick that could be applied to a range of questions, not a single trick for one question and other trick for other question. ( Maths youtube link) Fasten your calculation speed.

To increase speed in Quant, you can do the following:

  1. On a daily basis, create 25 ques. each of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and try to solve them fast.
  2. Remember tables up to 25 at least.
  3. Remember squares (up to 30) and cubes (up to 20). After remembering these, practice short tricks for evaluating squares (up to 125), square roots and cube roots,
  4. Remember Fraction to percentage values.

These are the basic practice you must do before going to the next step.

  1. After you have done all this, then start solving 20 simplifications question on a daily basis (all of the above pre-requisites will help in this).
  2. Also, practice Missing and Wrong number series (15 ques. each) daily.
  3. After this solve questions from Arithmetic.
  4. Practice as many questions, you can. (maths link)

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♦Some common tips:

  • Hardwork and consistency are the key, you must work hard.
  • Revise regularly. If you are reading for 5 days, do revise what you have already read in the next 2 days.
  • Take out some time to relax your mind.

 Another important tool is giving mock test.

  • strengthen your Weaker section.
  • Analyse the syllabus and mark out most important topics for last minute revision.

Note: It is important to practice with the mocks whose level is similar to the level of the actual examination because the level of questions in the prelims examination is easy and cut offs are high.
Giving mock tests for prelims which has high level mains question in pre mock can demotivate you.

How do we help you?

We help our learners by providing enormous amount of free study material on different platforms such as ambitiousbaba app and website, YouTube channel and WhatsApp & telegram group.  Regular Current affairs update, strategies for reasoning and quants. We also organise regular mock test with minimal price with detailed analysis and rank to participants.

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