How to score in para 13.2 exam?

How to score in para 13.2 exam?

As you know, there is two exam in Para 13.2.

Paper 1: Technical section 

In this section you can score 100/100, it depend on your subject selection and your preparation method. In this section every one have knowledge about their subject because every one here is dealing insurance. So prepare well with your iii books, read one liner PDF and practice mock test.

Paper 2:

In this section there are two part 1. GK 2. English

In GK average score is 25-30. But to get more score you should have prepare for 40+.for this section read maximum months Current affairs (special points awards this year as well as last year Nobel, Oscar, man booker, international booker, Padam shree, upcoming events, world cup, ipl)

  • National News (2 Question)
  • International News (1 Question)
  • Awards (2 Questions)
  • Sports Related News (2 Questions)
  • Summit & Conference (1 Question)
  • Scheme (1 Question)
  • Banking & Financial Current (2 Questions)
  • Banking & Financial Static (4-5 Questions)
  • Appointment (1 Question)
  • Obituary (1 Question)
  • Important Day (1 Question)
  • Misc (5-6 Questions)

Static part is most important if you cover this then you can score maximum score or satisfactory score because this part is static it will not changed. in this part you should read current Related static like corona in 2020 in 1920 virus name. National Park, river from states, thermal plant etc covered in gk capsule. You can also attend live YouTube classes for static part, it’s free of cost. And those who already prepared this section can attend to boost the confidence.

  • Dam
  • Folk Dance
  • List of International & Domestic Airport
  • International borders / Boundary lines & International Organizations & Headquarter
  • List of Lakes
  • List of Important Indian Cities on Rivers banks
  • Nuclear Power Plants, Thermal Power Plants in India, Solar Power Plant in India
  • List of Ports in India & List of River a Cross State
  • Stadiums in India & Sports trophy
  • Famous Temple in India & List of Tiger Reserve in India
  • List of National Parks of India & Wildlife
  • Capital & Currency
  • CM, Governor and Capital
GK Capsule PDF Part 1
Banking & Financial PDF

Second part is English, in this you should read basic grammar rules and practice mock tests, don’t take it as burden. Maximum candidates think i can’t score in this section so don’t think this, this section is easy as compare to GK. Read grammar rules, some vocabulary daily one hour is enough and Read The Hindu Editorial. For descriptive part you should have knowledge about basic insurance.

  • Comprehension- (8 to 10 qus)
  • Error Detection- 5 Questions
  • Filler- 5 Questions
  • Para jumble – 5 Questions
Complete English Grammar PDF Rules & Practice Questions

Note: If you think about this part. let us assume, you got topic about health insurance for this topic in introduction you will give two – three lines what vis insurance how it works then what is health insurance. How this work. What it includes how patient can avail cashless facilities. So read basic information. And you don’t need to write technical language, type simple English without grammar error. (read tense important part of grammar)
For letter, it is important because you should have knowledge about this. When you become officer you will write letter to customer, official mail so it’s important part, you should read some important phrases for this, download an application how to write letters, in this you will get important phrases for letter writing (application bize).

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