HRM Paper Questions asked in Para 13.2 Exam : 5 November 2022 Exam

Para 13.2 Exam 2022 Questions Asked In HRM Subject: 5 November 2022 Exam

As we all know that IBPS conducted Para 13.2 exam for Assistant every year for promotion in insurance sector. So here we are proving the Questions Asked in HRM Subject  2022 exam. You can Check the HRM Questions Asked in para 13.2 exam 2022.

The Para 13.2 previous year Technical Paper (Paper 1) Questions  will help the aspirant in better preparation and plan according to it.  Having an idea about the previous year questions of the Para 13.2  exam will help the aspirant to plan the strategy for the preparation of the exam of the current year.

1.Father of scientific management:  F W Tailor

2.How many principles Fayol gave: 14

3 Tailor’s Principles were based on: Time & Motion study

4 What lays down what is permissible & what not: Rules

5 Dividing organisation into small units: Departmentalisation

6 Planning is based on: Possibility & Probability

7 Best control mechanism – budget review, business review, annual appraisal Concurrent Audit

8 Bottom of inverted pyramid: Top Management

9 Stimuli are shape, Colour, odour: All of the above

10 Plan to fill vacancy due to Retirement, Transfer, promotions etc: Succession Planning

11 Moving from one job to another job within Org: Transfer

12 when structural changes becomes operational known as:  Institutionalised

13 Aggregate of values, belief, practices: Culture

14 As per Vroom expectancy theory  ……. condition to be fulfilled to perform a task by any person: 3

15 Non financial award: Title

16 tonal variations: Histrionics

17 Which is not a merit of oral communications: it’s a one way process

18 Advantage of Modern communication tools: Real time response

19 Ability to mislead also a: Leadership

20 9.9 type leader is: Team manager

21 Who generally found at senior level: 9.9 type

22 Style that transform employee to higher maturity & motivation: Transformational Leadership

23 Building up ideas in under condition of relax environment: Brain Storming

24 Easiest method of Job Evaluation: Classification Method

25 Defining role, responsibility, purpose, duty of Job: Job Description

26 Win Win strategy: Collaboration

27 Research help HRM in (Wage survey, effectiveness of recruit sources, knowing employee needs): All of the above

28 Data processing programming framework for widely distributed work environment: Handoop

29 Potential to become delivery boys: Drones

30 What suggest that something is wrong with payment: KickBack

31 Which is not a major Penalty: Recovering from employee financial loss of company

32 Appelete authority for Scale 3: Scale 7

33 Appointing authority for Scale 6 – CMD

34 Employee in debt if: Debt > 6 months salary

35 Complain against senior – Appelette  

36 Not considered misconduct -4 statements given (Possessing expensive material, irregular attendance, gambling in office, Doing thing which prejudice the Company’s Interest): Possessing expensive material

37 technology advancement has disadvantage: Information overload

  1. An employee of the Company may accept gifts from his personal friends of not more than 7000/- & from relatives not more than 10000/- Both true
  2. Ethics deals with issues of: Right and wrong
  3. ———— is carried out usually by scientific and research institutions without any particular purpose in view: Pure Search

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