IBPS PO & Clerk Vacancy Increased


GOOD NEWs for Banking Aspirants (News of the year) /IBPS PO & Clerk vacancy increased

IBPS PO & Clerk Vacancy Increased: Dear Aspirants, this time we have the happy news for IBPS PO and Clerk candidates. Yes Punjab National Bank commonly called as PNB has decided to release additional vacancies in this IBPS PO and IBPS Clerk recruitment. PNB will notify the additional vacancies to the IBPS.

A special attention because it is Win-Win Time for all aspirants | IBPS PO & Clerk vacancy sought rise!


952 officers and 2031 clerks from a single Bank – PNB – isn’t an excellent news for all! It is just not increase in number of seats only, Ambitiousbaba.com believes it is enormous rise of opportunity and hope. On Punjab national bank account, given number will be an additional in number of seats in an ongoing IBPS recruitment. This planning has been initiated by PNB and about to implement immediately. This is going to be good news for all IBPS PO and clerk candidates. A special significance of this news is seats rise will be taken into consideration from this ongoing recruitment only.  It is just from a single bank – many more banks may also join which will give exponentially rise and thus it is an excellent time to grab this opportunity.

How it will be?
Once Punjab National bank notified to IBPS, these vacancies will be added to the existing IBPS PO and Clerk recruitment. Question here arises, will other bank also increase their count. Definately there is huge chance now for other bank also to increase the seat. Once some other bank also comes into this development, there will be good chance for candidates who are scoring in range of cut-off also. Cut-off marks is inversely proportional to Number of seats. As soon as seat will increase , cut-off marks will get decrease.

How long it will be?

There is uncertainty for answer of this. Definitely it will continue for upcoming years , but it is totally dependent on discretionary power of Bank. But for year 2020-2021 this will be there for sure, reason is pretty simple final result for IBPS clerk and PO will be declared after April 2020.  So the ongoing IBPS PO and Clerk recruitment vacancies are called for 2020 – 2021. The selection process was conducted one year before, and that the shortlisted candidates may join in April 2020 to March 2021. Candidates those who are in reserved list of previous recruitment selection will be cleared in March 31, 2020.
Aspirants must have to understand the difference between reserved list and added vacancies. The reserved list is the list of non-joining candidates in the last selection process. Those non-joining vacancies will carry forward to current selection. This time non-joining vacancies of 2018 was already carried to 2019 current vacancies but now PNB released the added vacancies this is fresh future vacancies. This may useful for candidates those who are in reserved list of current recruitment, they may have the chance to get job. But for other all candidates it depends on the individual banks, vacancies and city location

GOOD NEWs for Banking Aspirants (News of the year) /IBPS PO & Clerk vacancy increased





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