IC-22| Life Insurance Underwriting | Memory based questions

IC-22| Life Insurance Underwriting | Memory based questions

The insurance institute of India conducts the III exam, which is a certification exam. Every year, the exam is held four times: once in March, once in May, once in September, and once in November. We are offering Recollected Questions (Memory-based Questions) for the Life Insurance Underwriting (IC-22) exam. The maximum number of questions are repeated in each exam in these papers. As a result, Ambitiousbaba is providing you with a recollected Question on Life Insurance Underwriting (IC-22).
These Life Insurance Underwriting (IC-22)Memory Based Questions can come in handy in the forthcoming Exam.

IC-22 Recollected Questions (12 July,2021)

  1. Sclera is a part of? –
  2. Cancer of WBC’s
  3. Iron deficiency anaemic cause?
  4. Atherosclerosis
  5. Palpitations?
  6. Arteries which supply blood to the muscles of heart
  7. Full form of ALT
  8. Cholecystitis and Cholelithiasis
  9. Ulcerative colilis – mucosa of the intestine
  10. Ileum is connected with
  11. Which one is part of small intestine?
  12. Colon is connected with
  13. Pharynx is part of both respiratory & digestion
  14. COPs – Chronic bronchitis & emphysema
  15. Respiratory System – b/w circulatory & outside world
  16. Status Asthmaticus
  17. Symptoms od Asthma
  18. Kidney disorder passed through families?
  19. Blood is wun – Hematuris
  20. Hypothalatrus –      Beta blockers drugs
  21. Iunction of Cerebellum
  22. Weight of Brain
  23. Albumi nuric & Proteinuric
  24. Microalbuminuric – Random Sample 3-30 my/dl
  25. Outer lighter coloured part of kidney – Cortex
  26. Kidney produce renin – bp
  27. Which is treated with thyroxine replacement
  28. Hashimoto dixax
  29. T4 – Pituitary gland – TSH
  30. Ketoacidosis
  31. Wt10 – prediction of Diabetes – 2025
  32. Parkisori disease
  33. TIA – Transient Ischemic attach – anociated with
  34. Pilit Mal, Tebrils, Grand Mal/ Tonic Clono
  35. Multiple Sclerosis
  36. Spinal disian
  37. ? – provide the brain with its protectior

IC-22 Recollected Questions (11 July,2021)

1. Hollow spaces around the nose? Paranasal sinuses.
2. Double vision is called? Diplopia
3. Sclera is a part of? Eye
5.2-3 decision based questions from cardiovascular
6.radioactive isotopes used in which test? Myocardial perfusion scan
7. Coronary CT Angiography (select the incorrect option)
8. Function of pulmonary artery
9. Outermost covering of heart? Pericardium
10. Least chronic among hepatitis b,c,d,e? E
11. Portal hypertension affects which organ? Liver
12. Some twisted out of syllabus Qs about prothrombin time that I can’t remember
13. Which is riskier between IBD and IBS?
14. Applicant has confirmed diagnosis of IBS abd no other problems. What will be underwriting decision? Accept at standard rate.(This was probably the only easy one to answer)
15.what causes low albumin in urine?
16. Qs about palpitation
17. Functions of liver
18. Both endocrine and exocrine organ? Pancreas
19. Non functional organ attached to caecum? Appendix
20. Qs about what saliva contains(had confusing options)
21. Process of swallowing? Deglutition
22. What allows food to pass from stomach to intestines? Pyloric sphincter
23. Risky combo? TB + HIV
24. Where can Extra-pulmonary TB spread?
25. Tb caused by which bacteria?
26. Very confusing Qs about emphysema
27. Reverse chronic bronchitis

IC-22 Recollected Questions (Dec,2020)

1.Standars risk/substandard risk / Extra premium
2.factors influencing underwriting
3.Decreasing extra risk
4.Diminishing lien
5.Judgement method and rating method of underwriting
6.Backdating of policy
7.Quote generation
8.Factors affecting non medical and medical underwriting underwriting challenges
9.human life value method examples and theory
10. Occupational, Residential and avicational risk 5-6 questions
11.Facultative and treaty reinsurance 3-4 questions
12.retention limit and factors affecting retention limit
13.Retrocession , Retrocessionaire ,cedant
14.cns pns
15. heartburn
16.underwriting decisions if any medical disorders shown
17. Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism
18.Hepatitis A B C D E etc
20. Congenital heart diseases
21.Chronic diseases
22.Decision based questions on accept the risk or charge extra or decline

IC 22 Memory based Questions 

  1. Chronic otitis media


  1. Retinopathy underwriting
  2. Vitreous humor
  3. Question on u/w decisions  Diabetes+ CVD
  1. Congenital heart disease
  2. U/w of valvular disease post operative
  3. U/w hypertension+heart/kidney

9.hypertension questionnaire

10.the cycle of systemic circulation starts from-  Rt atrium

  1. Tricuspid valve separates Rt AV

12.pericardium and myocardium

  1. IBD diagnosis
  2. Function of large intestine
  3. Arrangement of parts of respiratory system acc to position in the body in ascending order

16.PEFR is used for which disease

17.Decision base question on extrinsic asthma detected 17 yrs back. Now normal. Proposing for term ins of 1 cr, smoker

18.u/ W of pyelonephritis

  1. Erythropoietin

20 hashimoto diseasr

  1. T3/t4 and tsh levels in hypo/ hyperthyroidism
  2. Detection of thyroid diseasr by- blood test
  3. U/w decision for cretinism 12 year old child, struggling in studies
  4. Role of Tsh
  5. 25. Principle cause of microcytic anaemia
  1. Hemolytic anaemia
  2. Hg level of normal male adult
  3. Normal values of mcv
  4. liquid component of blood

30.composition of plasma

  1. Identify vascular disorder

32.u/W question based on parkinson’s disease

  1. Status epilecticus
  2. U/w decision based on Febrile seizures
  3. Raised glucose level in blood is known as
  4. No of patients of Diabetes till 2025 as per WHO
  5. Diabetes is which type of disorder
  6. Treatment of diabetes
  7. Full form of BMI
  8. U/W based Question on BMI

41.Detection of Diabetes by which tests(popular method)

  1. Aim of diabetes treatment
  2. Thyroid surgery done, underwriting impacts
  3. Classification of risk

45.sub standard risk

  1. Factors affecting underwriting

47.morbidity rates ate widely used in

  1. Exclusions are more frequently used in

49.example based question on constant extra risk

50 rider of adb taken, death due to accident,numerical on death claim amount

  1. Dating back policy

52 judgement method

  1. Rating guides are formulated based on
  2. Mortality rating for obesity is 160% of standard risk, what dies it mean
  3. Non medical grid
  4. Tele interview
  5. Max time limit for underwriting a proposal
  6. TPA features
  7. Underwriting philosophy
  8. Reasons for gene testing
  9. Challenges faced by underwriter due to stiff competition
  10. Insurable interest
  11. Calculation of insurance based on need analysis- numerical
  12. Example based question on self employed single mother
  13. What is not a good reason for taking child plan
  14. Question on HUF
  15. MWP act- protection based question
  16. Standard sources of information regarding a proposer

69 decision based question on avocation Person did one time guided parasailing. Disclosed information in proposal form.impact on underwriting

  1. Mining related basic risk factors
  2. Hang gliding
  3. Residential risk: infrastructure based

73 cedant

  1. Reinsurance treaty
  2. Max Retention limit for group protection plan as per 2013 irda notification
  3. Reinsurance advantage

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