IC-78| Miscellaneous Insurance | Memory based questions

IC-78| Miscellaneous Insurance | Memory based questions

The insurance institute of India conducts the III exam. Every year, the exam is held four times: once in March, once in May, once in September, and once in November. We are offering Recollected Questions (Memory-based Questions) for the Miscellaneous Insurance  (IC-78) exam. The maximum number of questions are repeated in each exam in these papers. As a result, Ambitiousbaba is providing you with a recollected Question on Miscellaneous Insurance  (IC-78).
These Miscellaneous Insurance  (IC-78) Memory Based Questions can come in handy in the forthcoming Exam.

IC 78 Miscellaneous Insurance Recollected Questions on 15.3.2020 

1. Husband has- insurable interest in life of his wife pg 3
2. Loss of limbs means- pg 9
3. Suicide is not an accident because- choose correct options pg 13
4. Rating of PA policy is based on- occupation pg16
5. Which of these group can’t be given Gp PA- group formed only to avail such policy pg22
6. On duty PA cover given at -75% premium pg23
7. Conditions for exclusion of death cover pg 24
8. Proximate cause example choose correct options (a man thrown from cart..) pg 27
9. Amartya siksha yojna is aimed to- cover educational expenses pg34
10. 24 hours hospitalisation clause is not applied in- chemotherapy, radiotherapy & dialysis- choose correct options pg 46
11. Continuous illness – 105 days pg47
12. cumulative bonus for – 10 yrs pg50
13. Family discount 10% pg50
14. Maternity benefit loading -10% pg56
15. Which is a benefit policy- critical illness pg61
16. Jan arogya bima age limit pg66
17. RSBY ratio of central:state 3:1
Pg 69
18. Overseas health policy also known as- Videsh yatra mitra pg 80
19. Delay of checked baggage time- >12 hrs pg85
20. Personal liability condition pg 86
21. Loss of passport covers- pg86
22. Corporate frequent travellers age limit 60&70 both options were there pg93
23. Corporate frequent travellers policy period-12 months pg92
24. Employment & study policy age limit 60yrs pg94
25. Destination India policy given to – overseas travellers visiting India pg97
26. House breaking definition was given identify it pg105
27. Section 378 defines – theft pg378
28. Good safety feature includes- choose options pg 111
29. Inspection report contains- last para on pg 112
30. Non Declaration policy can be given for- last point on pg 113
31. Which policy given for stocks of food grains, cotton rubber- declaration policy pg114
32. Criteria for first loss policy- 2nd para pg114
33. First loss policy is given to – large warehouses & store where.. pg115
34. Valued policy definition pg116
35. Choose correct options- cash in safe comprises – unpaid wages, salaries, bonus pg 137
36. Sum insured Limit for any one loss pg137
37. Money at business counter- choose correct options pg140
38. Fidelity guarantee originates from- pg 148
39. Disposal of
Individual fidelity policy after claim settlement choose correct options pg 162
40. Administration bonds are issued for a period of – annual period pg164
41. When a receiver may be appointed to administer the estate pg165
42. TY3 on pg 167
43. SE4 on pg 170
44. In bankers blanket insurance employee means- officers, clerks & sub staff pg174
45. Rating of bankers blanket insurance pg176
46. discount for 251-500 branches 5% pg180
47. Jewellers block insurance for whom? Pg 182
48. Rating for jewellers ins pg185
49. SE2 on pg 189
50. Legal liability in pedal cycle includes- bodily injury and TPPD upto ?? Pg193
51. In plate glass insurance glass means pg194
52. Coverage in plate glass insurance pg194
53. Missing documents indemnity coverage choose correct options pg 196
54. Sports insurance given for which sports pg198
55. TV insurance given for-TV apparatus pg200
56. Horse insurance rating factors pg 203
56. Pet dog identify methods (all 3 were given) choose correct options pg 203.
57. shopkeepers ins policy given to- small shopkeepers pg211
58. In SKI Loss of money- choose correct options pg 212
59. Risks covered under section 1 in house holders policy pg214
60. Risks covered in LPG gas dealers policy pg217-218
61. Doctors package insurance covers -professional liability pg 218
62. Risks covered in total abandoned cricket match pg233
63. Identity theft cover covers risks of… pg236
64. Money withdrawal from ATM covers choose correct options pg 236
65. Example of quota share pg248
66. Stop loss example pg249
67. SE3 on pg252
68. According to section 32C insurance to be provided to -choose correct options pg 256
69. In cattle insurance PTD limited to 75% pg266
70. Poultry includes – geese turkey & guinea fowls pg268
71. Poultry insurance premium rating depends upon pg 269
72. Aquatic insurance covers only when -total loss or destruction of shrimp pg273
73. Duck insurance for minimum- 100 or more pg273
74. TY2 on pg279
75. Pig insurance claim liability 80% of SI pg285
76. Animal driven carts uses which animals pg 295
77. Horticulture crops coverage exclusions pg 288
78. PASS income below 7200 PA pg299

IC 78 Memory Based Questions 12.09.2021

1-Risk group 3 pg 17

2-Pa age limit  pg 17

3-ty 1 pg 20

4-an example given as per pa, which is the proximate cause which is the remote cause

5- abc is asthama patient,  he falls in ta site,, accident  claim he will  get or not?

6 . Jpa pg 30 -SI,  weaker section of d society

7-heath insurance  age limit

8-in heath insurance  which of d following can be added by paying extra premium -infant from day one

9-si increases each claim free yr up to how many yrs -10, pg 50

10-Health check up in 4 yrs

11-ty 2 pg 58

13-teriary care insurance  disease  pg 60

14-cancer medical policy -odd one out-pg 61

15-universal health  insurance  pagr67

16-overseas health policies  eligibility pg 81

17-vitesh yatra mitra-2 questions   pg 81

18-physician definition pg 82

19-loss of checked baggage-3 questions-odd one out

20-delay of checked baggage-how many hours-12 pg 85

21 -specific conditions-odd one out

22-ty1 pg 93

23-corporate frequent traveller Endorsement  pg 93

24-employment & study policy used for what pg 94

25-destination India policy ty3 pg 98


27-burgulary definition , robbery pg 105

28-nature of the insured property  pg 110

29-safety measures

30-money insurance-4, 5 questions  section asked

31-pg 137 point d

32- extensions pg 139

33-money insurance is pg 143 point a

34- q 4 pg 145

35-q 2 pg 144

36-commercial fidelity guarantees  sections, conditions pg 149

37-collective policy pg 151

38-banket policy

39- floater policy

40-ty 1 pg 163

41-custom bonds pg 167

42-receivers bond pg 165

43-administration bond

45-bankers indemnity pg 174

46-janata agent

47- jewelry block insurance  meant for whom- 182

48-pg 184 point (f ) 5lkh, 10 %

48-pedal cycle insurance  3 questions

49-plate glass insurance

50-neon sign glass pg 196

56- sports insurance  coverage age pg 199

57-which sport does not cover pg 198 point

58-pet dog insurance age pg 203

59-shopkeepers insurance sections asked  around 3 questions  PA in which section like that

60-Lpg gas deals point a to  d pg 217

61-office protection  shield

62-event insurance pg 234 point abcd

63-kidnap & ransom , intellectual pg 237

64-indentity theft cover exclusions pg 236

65-trademark pg 238

66-faculative reinsurance

68-excess of loss

69-pool basis pg 248

70-honey bee insurance

71-rabbit age group pg 285

72-pigs age

73- sericulture 1 questions  pg 285

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