India purchases Rs.84 thousand crore defence equipment

India purchases Rs.84 thousand crore defence equipment

The approval of acquiring defence equipment including infantry combat vehicles, light tanks and missile systems, worth Rs 84,328 crore has been given by India’s Defence Acquisition Council. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has officially stated that defence ministry has approved proposals to acquire defence equipment to modernize Indian defence sector.

Defence equipment proposal:

These proposals contain six for Indian Army, six for Indian Air Force, 10 for Indian Navy and two for Indian Coast Guard for a total value of Rs 84,328 crore.

Out of the total value purchase, more than 97 per cent of the procurement would be from indigenous sources.

The ‘Project Zorawar’ the light tank proposal of the Army will see the delivery of an indigenous tank being developed by Defence Research and Development Organisation with Larsen and Toubro entering service. The need for such tanks was determined after the build-up of troops in eastern Ladakh in 2020.

Advantages of acquisition project:

This unprecedented initiative of DAC will modernise the Armed Forces and increase the ability of defending and fighting back.

It also cater substantial boost to the defence industry to achieve the goal of ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’.

A quantum jump to Indian Army’s operational preparedness will be equipped by the Indian Army with platforms and equipment such as Futuristic Infantry Combat Vehicles, Light Tanks and Mounted Gun System.

The approval of proposals also contains procurement of Ballistic Helmets with enhanced protection level.

For the Navy, a number of projects approved including next generation offshore patrol vessels, anti ship missiles, multi-purpose vessels as well as high endurance autonomous vessels.

These approvals for procurement of Naval Anti-Ship Missiles, Multi-Purpose Vessels and High Endurance Autonomous Vehicles will further advance maritime strength.

The Indian Air Force is now able to procure a new range of missile system, long-range guided bombs, range augmentation kit for conventional bombs and advanced surveillance systems.


Question & Answer:

Q1. How much crore worth procurement has been cleared by Government of India?

Ans. Rs.84, 328 crore

Q2. Who is the defence minister of India currently?

Ans. Rajnath Singh

Q3. Which Indian force got most number of projects in this acquisition of Defence equipment?

Ans. Indian Navy

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