India-USA strategic big leap amid Defence and Technology ties

India-USA strategic big leap amid Defence and Technology ties

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has addressed the US Congress along with the various meetings with US leaders and industry heads amid his state visit to USA.

This state-visit to USA of PM Narendra Modi is anticipated to built up for the outcome for India as well as the US industry. USA’s industries are waited for this exciting exploring deal between two countries at the prospects of cooperation in the business front expanding in many horizons.

The focus on technology cooperation across many areas including the strategic avenues of defence, space, cyber security, Artificial Intelligence (AI), quantum computing, advanced materials, semiconductors, next-gen telecom, and biotech have been major prospects.

Defence Ties Take Centre stage:

In 2016, the US government adjudged India as a ‘Major Defence Partner’ (MDP) for allowing India to get defence technologies at par with those provided to the US’ closest allies in Natoplus-5.

Defence cooperation and the focus on transforming that relationship from a buyer-seller relationship to that of partnership.

US President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Modi has announced the US-India initiative on Critical and Emerging Technology (iCET) in May 2022 to advance and expand the strategic technology partnership and defence industrial cooperation.

The two-track 1.5 discussions were happened in January and June which had been attended by the national security advisers of both countries and fix the achievable goals more realistically and in the shortest time possible.

Technology and AI cooperation:

With this talks and these steps will figure out to mutual advantage.

India’s tryst with digital technologies and the participation of Indian companies in this domain have been transformative and many Indian companies have leveraged AI technologies and contributed in enhancing the capabilities of weapons and equipment.

Semiconductor sector:

India showed interest in semiconductor sector and even took decisive steps to incentivize investments in technology and manufacturing setup.

Government of India announced India’s Semiconductor Mission (ISM) in March 2022.

A memorandum of understanding has been signed between India and the US on semiconductor supply chain and innovation partnership during the Commercial Dialogue 2023.

Both countries have agreed to set up a collaborative mechanism between the two governments on semiconductor supply chain resilience and diversification.


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