Indian Bank Memory Based Po Pre 2018

Circular puzzle

Eight person A,B,C,D,E,F,G and H sitting around the table some are face inside direction and some are  outside the table. A sits third to the right of F. G faces of H. D sits third to the right of E. Immediate neighbour of A face outside of table. G faces of H who sits does not neighbour of F. E faces inside of table and there is  one person sits between H and E. B does not neighbour of E. Neighbour of B face opposite direction. F sits third right of C.


Double row based puzzle

14 persons sits two parallel line. A,B,C,D,E,F and G sits row 1 and face north side. P,Q, R,S T,U and V sits row 2 face south direction. A sits third to the right of  at extreme of the line. S and U not sit any corner side. There are two persons sit between A and D who faces second to the left of V. G sits digonlly opposite of P who sits neighbour of T. There are three persons sits between T and S. U does not faces of  A. S does not faces of B. B sits immediate left of  A. P  faces of  C. E does not faces of U. Q sits does not neighbour of S.


Scheduling puzzle

12 persons A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K and L went of work different month May, June, July and different Date, 5th,11th ,15th , 21th. A went for work on 11th date in the month of which has 31 days. L went for work on 15th date  in the month which has 30 days. C went for work 21 days in the month but went work same month of A went for the work. F went for  work on 15th date in the month of May. G went for the work on 21th date in the month of which  has 30 days. A and J went of work same month but J  went of work before A. D went of work just after H who went of work which has 30 days month. B went for work on 5th date in the month who just before went of work E. I went for the work on 21th date in the month.


Month      Date     Person
May(31days)   5th      B
   11th     E
   15th     F
   21th     I
June(30days)   5th    H
   11th    D
   15th    L
   21th    G
July (31days)   5th    J
   11th   A
   15th   K
   21th    C

Coding decoding (old pattern)

Confusion, Nobel, Right, Queen- wy, mj, jk, tf

paper, Fast, Pollax, Writes- wd, in, wy, sb

Fluid, Confusion, Smooth, nOBEL- ah, mj, ug, qb

Fast, Quality, Friendly, Paper- vw, lt, sb, wd

Question: What is the code for ‘Confusion’ in the given code language?

Question : What is the code for ‘Nobel things’ in the given code language?


Statement : All sparrow are pigeon

                        Some pigeon are bird

                       No bird  is animals.

Conclusions : At least some animals are pigeon

                             Some sparrow are bird possibility.

                              All animals are sparrow possibility.

Statement : All city are Town

                        No city is village

                         Some village are metrocity.

Conclusion: At least some metrocity are town

                         At least some village are town

                        Some village are metrocity possiblilty.

Statement : Some right are wrong

                         All wrong are bad

                         No bad is good

Conclusion: all right are bad possibility

                       At least  some wrong are good

                      Some good are right possibility.


Wrong Number series

7, 92, 173, 250, 323, 394, 457

6, 127, 227, 300, 372, 421, 457

10, 15, 30, 75, 225, 900, 3150

8, 56, 336, 1680, 6720, 20040

7, 11, 36, 54, 179, 215, 558


Data Interpretation

1) two pie chart base i) first pie denoted total students 1500

ii) Second pie denoted total female student-700

2) Line base d.i


10 number question in passage (economic base)

The enhanced autonomy of them (A) / institutions is enable (B) / them to hired foreign faculty (C) / and offer their emalaments that might (D) / be different from the emoluments of an Indian staff. (E)

Ans: D(emalaments replace emolument)

But they could strived harder(A)/ to upheld democratic rights(B)/ and constitutional principles at home(C)/. That is critical in(D)/ promote sustainable development(E).

Ans: B

Rearrangement (odd pattern)

Fill up 2 fill base same word

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