Interview Experiences covering by Aspirants appeared in Para 13.2 Exam

Interview Experiences covering by Aspirants appeared in Para 13.2 Exam

As we know that, the Insurance Promotion exam Para 13.2 result has been released already. Candidates who have appeared in the Para 13.2 Exam Interview have shared their Interview experiences.

Here we are providing the Interview experiences covered by aspirants in Para 13.2 exams. All the candidates who are preparing for Para 13.2 can check this article.

The most important step of Para 13.2 Interviews is preparing for the Para 13.2 interview question and answers that are generally asked of the aspirants.

We are helping you with the important Para 13.2 interview Experiences covered by Aspirants so that you can answer confidently and perform effectively in upcoming interviews.

1st Candidate 

  • I am a Micro Incharge, so they started asking questions about premium figures, Ageny Development methods, Bancassurance etc. So we can conclude that the portfolio you are dealing with is of great importance.
  • Then they switched to Cross-Selling related questions, through Bancassurance and Brokers channel.
  • My micro is situated in a small town so their questions were shifted to rural insurance segment , as PMFBY, BSBY, Farmers Package Policy related questions.
  • Then one madam switched to Ombudsman related questions.
  • Some questions were local demography related questions as Population, Local MLA etc.
  • IRDA Chairman name and its functionalities.
  • Finally they asked about the IIB Ratings of Fire and their impact on Insurance market.

2nd Candidate 

Niacl north zone questions

  •  Corona Kawach Policy
  •  LTS
  •  INDIA ENG Series current gk
  •  No fault liability
  •  Name of any 5 governors of states of India
  •  Do data
  •  Ao related allowances

3rd Candidate 

  • I m from motor o.d. dept
  • They asked about Icr and main reason for the same
  • How to reduce it
  • 5 surveyor names
  • Tw and Pvt car automation in system
  • Family background
  • If prompted den which dept would like to work
  • That’s at.

4th Candidate 

Niacl Baroda RO..

  • Overseeing GM of RO
  • Settlement ratio of my dept. As i am working in claims hub
  • 5 surveyors name
  • Dept. preference if promoted
  • Family background
  • Simple qsts regarding dept.

5th Candidate 

  • Premium icr target
  • Family background
  • Academic education background
  • Major portfolio
  • Major client
  • Ur working deptt
  • Why ur premium low
  • Why ur office loss making
  • 3-4 questions related to deptt

6th Candidate 

NIACL North Zone. Questions asked to me on 02.03.2021
1. What is combined ratio?
2. What is Balance sheet?
3. What is Sue & Label clause in marine?
4. What is Agreed Bank clause?
5. What is Consequential Loss policy?
6. Can premium of consequential loss policy be paid in instalments or it is to be paid in one single instalment?
7. There will be elections in five states. Tell us names of these five states?
8. Tell us names of any two GMs of The New India Assurance Co. Ltd.?
9. Who is the actuary of The New India Assurance Co. Ltd.?
10. What is WC policy?
11. Up to how much limit compensation can be paid under WC policy?
12. What is the solvency ratio The New India Assurance Co. Ltd.?

7th Candidate

Questions asked in today session NIA Nagpur RO (22 Nov 2021)

  • Motor
  • Laid up
  • Overturning
  • CPA
  • Transfer of motor policy
  • Add on cover
  • Return to invoice cover
  • Stand alone CPA
  • Fire
  • Declaration policy
  • Restatement policy Etc
  • Pannel was nice
  • They asked what you tell in introduction
  • In this year interview plays a vital role in selection

7th Candidate (22nd Nov 2021)

2.branch premium n growth
3.if -ve y
4.first loss policy burglary
6.what are major sources of premium of ur branch
7.efforts for increasing ur branch premium

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