JAIIB AFM Recollected Questions: 15 October 2023

JAIIB Paper 3 (AFM) Memory based Questions : 15 October 2023

JAIIB is a flagship course offered by IIBF. The exam is held twice every year – Once in May and once in November.  15 October JAIIB Paper 3 exam We provide Recollected Questions . In these papers, maximum questions are repeated in every exam. So, Ambitious baba is providing you with JAIIB  recollected Question Papers of Accounting and Financial Management for Bankers (AFM).These recollected Question Papers Accounting and Financial Management for Bankers (AFM) will be very useful in upcoming shifts.

AFM Memory based Questions (15 Oct 2023)

Exam Level-Moderate (Theory 60-65%)

  • Fund flow statement theory
  • Ratio analysis theory questions
  • EPS related question
  • Calculate modified duration question
  • Net present value theory questions
  • Modified bond period numerical
  • Bond price related to what
  • Journal ledge theory questions
  • Bond value (​bond 100 coupon rate 8% MV 80 Rate)
  • YTM, BEP Numericals
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Freight expenses
  • Deferred Revenue
  • LIFO
  • Numericals on depreciation Bond Value Currency conversion
  • Trial balance
  • Rectification of errors and adjusting and closing entries
  • Capital and revenue expenditure
  • Bank reconciliation statement
  • Basic accounting procedures
  • Definition, scope and accounting standards
  • Maintenance of cash subsidiary books and ledgers
  • Preparation of final accounts
  • Balance sheet equation
  • Company accounts
  • Share premimum cannot be usdd for ,
  • Bonus shares
  • Management accounting objectives ,
  • Forward vs future
  • Share issued premium/ discount related question,
  • Concept of cost of capital, concept of money etc. ,
  • lease related theory question,
  • GST types ques ,
  • Job costing ,
  • Management costing ,
  • Marginal costing,
  • Standard costing theory
  • Calculation of Net profit
  • Relation between Bond and YTM
  • Numericals came from net profit, Modified duration current yield absorption costing plus sales where margin of safety was given
  • Deduction came 80TTBSimple interest calculation Journal ledger definition Real account and nominal account golden rule based questions
  • AS 18
  • Zero budgeting
  • Clerical error
  • Inventory valuation,
  • Bill of exchange endorsement entries,
  • Forfeiture entry
  • ​Absorption costing numerical
  • Which charge not in India CGST SGST VT GST IGST
  • ​Cost accounting
  • ​Escalation clause safeguards the contractor against
  • Money measurement concept
  • ​Inflation accounting

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