JAIIB/DBF Exam Re-Scheduled in February 2022 : IIBF Notice (3 Feb 2020)

JAIIB/DBF Exam Re-Scheduled in February 2022 : IIBF Notice (3 Feb 2020)

The Institute proposes to conduct JAIIB/DB&F/SOB/CAIIB/CAIIB Elective examinations for candidates who were affected with COVID-19 or having symptoms of COVID infections and could not take the exam (scheduled on 8th,9th, and 22nd January-2022)) due to social distancing norms/COVID protocol. Tentatively, the exam will be scheduled 26, 27th feb and 6 March 2022 .

If you were infected with COVID during the exam time and could not take the exam, then register your request on the IIBF’s website or by clicking on below link and upload the relevant COVID medical certificate duly attested by your Branch/Bank Manager with Bank seal/stamp affixed on it. DB&F Candidates should attest the relevant COVID medical certificate by Gazetted officer.

26/2/2022 Principles and Practice of banking(Paper -1)
27/2/2022 Accounting & finance for bankers(Paper-2)
6/3/2022 Legal & Regulation of banks(Paper -3)


  • The Candidates who have registered for JAIIB/DBF/SOB exam scheduled in Jan-2022
    are eligible for Feb/Mar-2022 exam.
  •  The Centre/Venue/Batch selected by the candidate at the time of registration for Jan2022 examinations may have changed due to COVID-19 protocol/social distancing
    norms/guidelines. Revised admit letter with new Centre/Venue/Batch will be available
    on the website from 10-Feb-2022 3.00 p.m. onwards
  • Candidate should download the revised Admit letter and check all the details mentioned
    in it. In case, any candidate is transferred due to work requirement, he/she may change
    the Centre/Venue/Batch, if required, using the link provided on website. (The above
    Change of Centre/Venue/Batch option can be exercised only once)
  •  If the candidate changes the Centre/Venue/Batch, a revised Admit letter will be
    generated and available for download. The revised admit letter will also be available
    under the candidate’s login profile.


  • Change of the Centre/Venue/Batch is subject to availability of seats and
    will be on first-come-first-serve basis.
  • The change of centre link will be active from 10-Feb-2022 3.00 p.m. onwards
    to 14-Feb-2022.
  • Candidates are advised to visit Institute’s Website regularly, as well as, a day
    before the Examination Date for any important update/Notice or Change in
    Examination Venue/Batch etc. related to the examination.

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