JAIIB PPB Memory Based Questions: 13 May 2023

JAIIB Paper 2 (PPB) Recollected questions : 13 May 2023

JAIIB is a flagship course offered by IIBF. The exam is held twice every year – Once in May and once in November.  13 May JAIIB Paper 2 exam We provide Recollected Questions . In these papers, maximum questions are repeated in every exam. So, Ambitious baba is providing you with JAIIB  recollected Question Papers of Principles and Practices of Banking (PPB) . These recollected Question Papers Principles and Practices of Banking (PBB) will be very useful in upcoming shifts.

JAIIB PPB Exam (13 May 2023)

Level– Moderate to Easy  (Marks ka distribution kesa tha 0.5, 1 and 2)

  • If goods railway reciept is endorse to banker than banker becomes- agent/ owner of goods.
  • Identify ethics dillema- statement given.
  • One ques from tranfer of property act
  • PMFBY based on how many component and which risk excludes nuclear risk or war
  • Share of SCB, rrb ,small finance in priority sector
  • Reimbursement bank will pay in case of default. (Letter of credit ques)
  • UPI Settlement Cycle
  • Differentiate fixed capital and working capital (By Numerical)
  • Which is not a valid OVD
  • Banks use which network-Star Topology
  • WAN connects through radio signals through..
  • Business ethics does not include
  • About LAN
  • About RTGS
  • About IMPS (2-3Q)
  • Negotiating bank
  • Stamping to be done with in how many days
  • Inside Trading
  • Negotiation instruments act 2-3 qus
  • Official valid Document
  • Cheque truncation System (CTS)
  • About NACH (national automated clearing house)
  • NPA Provisions
  • Attachment Order
  • About White level ATM
  • About NRE, NRO
  • Maximum number of SHG
  • About Router
  • About Digital Currency
  • Bill of Exchange interest
  • Ethics (7-8Q)
  • Principal and agent relation Section
  • POS limit (Tier 1 to 2)
  • About Debts Recovery Tribunal (DRT)
  • Section 131 Of NI Act
  • Demand reported lost..time frame to issue the duplicate DD
  • Numerical on working capital and fixed Capital
  • 1 or numerical tha ki Bank credit-

i)1lakh Income tax attachment – 65 k
ii)Bank set off -10k
iii)Check deposit – 20k ( but to be cleared on 7th dec)
iv)Check issued – 20k ( to be clear on 6th)
V)Minimum balance requirement by bank – 10k



JAIIB 2023 Mock test


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