JAIIB PPB Recollected Questions: 12th November 2022

Principles and Practices of banking Memory based Questions: 12th Nov 2022

The “Principles and practices of banking” paper exam have been conducted on 12th November 2022 by JAIIB.
Here we are providing the Recollected Questions of the JAIIB Exam. Candidates need to visit the “PPB Recollected Questions: JAIIB, 12th November 2022” post, so that they can get a clear idea about the questions that came in the Principles and practices of banking paper of JAIIB.
Here, we’ll take a closer look at the questions that came in the Principles and practices of the banking paper of the JAIIB exam, in detail.
Candidates can Check the Recollected Questions of Principles and practices of banking paper: JAIIB, 12th November from here.

Questions LevelModerate to Tough

  • Questions on Cash credit
  • 3 questions on NPA provisions
  • Numerical questions on Working capital
  • 5-7 questions from marketing & ethics
  • Questions from letter of credit and bank guarantee
  • Acts related to pledge/hypothecation/mortgage
  • Core banking
  • DEAF
  • Penalty for not maintaining SLR/CRR
  • Question on Moral judgement theory
  • Hypothecation is defined in – Transfer of Property Act, 1882
  • RBI app name for digital compliant – Digisaathi
  • Question on RSETI – 1 institute in every district
  • Minor defind in – Section 3 in The Indian Majority Act, 1875
  • Doc of title to goods-The Sale of Goods Act, 1930
  • Many questions from Module A
  • Housing loan interest rate
  • Committee regarding NEFT transactions
  • Promissory note definition
  • Cheque definition
  • Counterfeit note should be reported when there are 5 notes or more in a single transaction
  • RBI apps – MANI (Mobile Aided Money Identifier)/Ekuber/CBDC
  • Bank definition
  • Penalty by rbi for not maitaing crr for over night and next day
  • Ques on non repudiation
  • Provision for unsecured asset in doubtul assets
  • Elss period
  • MPC committee meeting in a year
  • ADR definition
  • Shg interest rate for prompt payment next year
  • Relation b/n bank and customer in locker
  • Information security sender sends using private key?
  • Which account mandate can’t be opened jointly
  • Payment in case of A, B joint acc with former/surivor when a dies
  • Payment to minor having bearing cheque
  • Fema is managed by
  • Shg weak section %
  • kisan credit card max limit without collateral
  • Kvic max eligibility under priority sector
  • Diff b/n bank guarantee and LC
  • Customer has 1lakh loan default, he submits gold worth 2 lakh and 30000 value of hyppthecated car, due course of bank in recovery
  • Due course if demand draft is lost
  • On which bank can’t give loan options, shares, debentured, lic certificate, partly  paid shares
  • Question on NFO definition
  • Working capital is provided for

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