JAIIB PPB Recollected Questions: 14 October 2023

JAIIB Paper 2 (PPB) Memory based Questions : 14 October 2023

JAIIB is a flagship course offered by IIBF. The exam is held twice every year – Once in May and once in November.  14 October JAIIB Paper 2 exam We provide Recollected Questions . In these papers, maximum questions are repeated in every exam. So, Ambitious baba is providing you with JAIIB  recollected Question Papers of Principal and Practice of Banking (PPB).These recollected Question Papers Principal and Practice of Banking (PPB) will be very useful in upcoming shifts.

Principal and Practice of Banking Recollection

Exam Level- Moderate 

  • How to calculate KCC limit
  • UPI settlement cycle
  • Working capital formula
  • Different between router and Hub
  • Personal Ethics
  • Bill of exchange interest rate
  • How much to percentage exposer to shares by bank
  • One Qus Insider Trading
  • PSL Target
  • CCB related Qus
  • About Attachment Order
  • ​software used in Bank?-Star Topology
  • Digital Currency
  • White level ATM
  • PMFBY2 for kharib 1.5 for rabi 5 for yearly and horticulture
  • Yellow ATM
  • Section 131 NIA Act
  • usance bill sight bill
  • ​Laxmi Devi ethics
  • Tandon committee related to WCG
  • CTS 2010-Secuirity Thread
  • Not OVD-pan card
  • cash withdrawal at POS not by,
  • Qus related Data Leak
  • ​RRB’s target for Micro PSL lending…options were 10% of ANBC, 7.5% of ANBC, 7.5% of ANBC or COEBC
  • ​HIGHLIGHT WAS ” illetirate BUSINESS person”…i think thats the right answer because other 3 options were not at all close, like blind person, pardanashin lady or Salaried??
  • CA can be open to – illetrate BUSINESS person, blind person, pardanashin lady or Salaried??
  • ​FB/NFB was simple….. which facility is NFB….answer was LC
  • ​50 lakhs ke working capital the at 25% margin and on a particular date stocks value was 1cr the how much will be the Drawing power on that particular date
  • RTI – who is authority, PM, President, Governor and one more option
  • ​ Locker operate with custodian keys and customers keys in which order
  • Stages between loan sanction and disburesement….there were 10 options given…easy ones like documentation, charge filing etc.
  • Conflict of interest
  • ​Cable use in LAN network
  • Def of ethics
  • FCRA related Qus
  • COPRA Reated Qus
  • ​locker m bank k liability on natural calamity
  • ​lei code m kitna na alpha hota h
  • ​What is Money identifier?
  • Matching on bills like inland bill forget bill etc
  • LC And BG
  • Case study on Locker
  • 6100 amount , amount of capital fund based , two blanks
  • Numerical On Agri and Working Capital
  • RFC d account also one question
  • NPA Provision
  • Capital conservation buffer
  • Principal and Agent related qus
  • Ethics nearly 8 marks
  • Duplicate DD kitne time me issue krna hota h
  • State of terrorist financing cycle
  • Agriculture short term loan related cultivation expense 71k and insurance premium 1000
  • LAN related qus (Local area Network)
  • ​Atm operator if an atm is cash out for more than 10 hrs in a month – penalty 10000 per Atm
  • IT Security
  • Postsanction and Predisbursement Requirements
  • Nomination Facility
  • Indemnity and Guarantee
  • About ​capital account
  • Documentary bill related Question
  • Demand Draft Negoitable Or not
  • Not A Part Of CBS
  • Bill Of Exchange Interest
  • UPI 2.O
  • Ethics Internal and External
  • Satyam Company Crisis
  • NRE & NRO
  • POS Machine Limit
  • IMPS (3-4 Questions)

JAIIB 2023 Mock test


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