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Welcome to the JAIIB study material Page of ambitiousbaba.com. We (Ambitiousbaba.com) are providing “JAIIB study material” for those people who work in the banking industry so that they feel comfortable while giving their JAIIB Exams. Because there are not many online websites available who provide JAIIB study materials. We create and provide the best JAIIB study material at free of cost. We create and provide the best content at the most affordable prices to ensure that aspirants from all economic backgrounds can prepare and crack these exams. Through our website, we are providing JAIIB study materials and paid JAIIB mock tests for JAIIB Exams at very low cost. We provide maximum possible information related to Banking & Finance in a single platform which will be useful for the people related to the banking industry.

We, the young & energetic force of Bankers form a group of talented, professionally qualified people who are not only interested in our personal development but are also willing to put up our wholehearted efforts for the development of the banks. We also conduct "Discussion/Preparation Sessions" for JAIIB Exams regularly at our Facebook /Telegram/ Whatsapp Groups "JAIIB STUDY MATERIALS" & " JAIIB Exam DISCUSSION".

Our JAIIB study material

JAIIB Exams are conducted by INDIAN INSTITUTE OF BANKING & FINANCE (IIBF). We provide detailed notes of every unit of JAIIB. We also provide unit wise MCQs and latest edition module wise PDFs based on the latest pattern of IIBF.

We provide JAIIB study capsules, if you will read this capsule line by line you will not need to depend on any book in the market or any other source.

JAIIB Study Material Notes

Our JAIIB Study materials:

We provide JAIIB study material on the latest pattern of IIBF with detailed explanations. We provide full-length JAIIB mock tests, Module wise practice papers and Previous year papers.

JAIIB is said to be one of the difficult courses to be cleared for the bankers. But we assure you that with the help of our JAIIB study material, you will definitely clear the exam for sure. We have covered full syllabus on the latest pattern for JAIIB chapter wise and module wise in our JAIIB study material. And this will make it very easy for you to understand the very best of concepts of both the exams in detail for upcoming JAIIB exams.

We have provided JAIIB study material of every paper separately. And also, we have given PAPER I, II & III Capsule PDF & Jaiib MCQ Quizzes. You can download Module Wise PDF from Jaiib Study Material Page.

JAIIB Study material with detailed solutions and explanations at free of cost. We guarantee you that with the help of our “JAIIB study material and JAIIB mock tests”, you will definitely clear PAPER-I (Principles & Practices of banking), PAPER-II (Accounting & Finance for Bankers) and PAPER-III (Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking) for sure. We have covered full syllabus on the latest pattern for JAIIB – PAPER I, II and III all the three, chapter wise and module wise in our JAIIB mock tests & Jaiib Study Materials.

JAIIB Study Material : PDF

Why are JAIIB Study Materials are important?

Our JAIIB Study Material is a kind of training that prepares you to perform well in the exam. The number of JAIIB mock tests taken is directly proportional to scoring better marks.

Why Should you choose Ambitiousbaba for JAIIB Study Material?

We provide you with the best possible JAIIB mock tests and study materials in terms of quality. We provide the best user interface with actual exam panel and with the best , Latest and Accurate content.

Also, the JAIIB Study Materials we provide is very cost-effective in comparison to the amount of money charged by others for the same. Our JAIIB Study material are cross-checked by our team to avoid delivering outdated pattern of questions. We provide the latest pattern based JAIIB study material.

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We cover all the syllabus and papers in our JAIIB mock tests and Jaiib Study Materals. Our JAIIB Mock tests are designed in a similar pattern of the original exam with reference to the syllabus, repetition of topics, time limit, and every detail related to JAIIB exam.

JAIIB Study Notes

-JAIIB Module Wise for Paper-1,2 and 3.

-JAIIB Regular MCQs Quizzes

-JAIIB Study Notes PDFs

-JAIIB Ebooks


-JAIIB Capsule for Paper 1, 2, 3

JAIIB Study Materials

JAIIB Mock Tests

• JAIIB Paper 1 (Principles & Practices of banking)

JAIIB Mock Test Paper-1 PPB Include total 11 Mock tests with 5 Full-length Mocks, 5 Module Wise mocks and 1 Previous Year Paper Mock.

• JAIIB Paper-II (Accounting & Finance for Bankers) JAIIB Mock Test Paper-2 AFB Include total 10 Mock tests with 5 Full-length Mocks, 4 Module Wise mocks and 1 Previous Year Paper Mock.

• JAIIB Paper-III (Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking) JAIIB Mock Test Paper-3 LRAB Include total 10 Mock tests with 5 Full-length Mocks, 4 Module Wise mocks and 1 Previous Year Paper Mock.

• JAIIB COMBO (Paper-I + Paper-II + Paper-III) JAIIB Mock Test COMBO Paper-1,2,3 PPB, AFB, LRAB Include total 31 Mock tests with 15 Full-length Mocks, 13 Module Wise mocks and 3 Previous Year Paper Mock.

Highlights/Features of JAIIB study material

• Detailed Explanations


• Prepared by Professional Bankers working in SBI

• High-level question with detailed explanation

• Access on Web & App 24/7

• Cost-effective

• English Language Only

From where can you access JAIIB Study material?

You can Access JAIIB Study material on both ambitiousbaba,.com from jaiib study material page and App 24*7. You can give mock tests on our website as well as the application which could be downloaded from google play store.

What will be the pattern of the JAIIB study material?

All JAIIB study material provided will be based on the current exam pattern of IIBF. In which languages JAIIB study material are available? JAIIB study material will be provided in English Language only.