LIC ADO interview questions – Previous Experience of a Candidate

LIC ADO interview questions

The LIC ADO (Apprentice Development Officer) exam and interview are integral parts of the selection process conducted by the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC). The LIC ADO exam serves as a platform to assess candidates’ knowledge, aptitude, and reasoning abilities.

It covers various sections such as reasoning ability, numerical ability, general knowledge, and English language proficiency. Candidates who qualify the exam move forward to the interview round, where their communication skills, personality, and understanding of the insurance sector are evaluated.

The LIC ADO exam and interview provide aspiring candidates with an opportunity to join one of the largest insurance companies in India and embark on a rewarding career path.

Credit – Neha Gupta

I’ll share my interview experience with you guys to give you an outlay of the interview process that the candidate goes through.

My interview was on the 1st of November 2019, 10am. Needless to say, I was sort of nervous on that day.

The process starts with getting all your photocopies verified and stamped. Then you are asked to go for the biometrics. After the biometrics is done, you are asked by the officials there to wait in the waiting lounge for your turn.

At around 12:25 pm, my turn came, and it went for 15–20 minutes.

Me to the panel of 4: May I come in Ma’am? (with a smile, and as my eyes met with the lady at first)

Lady: Yes please be seated (with smile)

Me: I wished them with pleasantries. They asked me to be very comfortable.

Chairman: So what’s your full name?

Me: My Name is Neha Gupta.

Chairman: who all are there in your family?

Me: Replied with Family occupations.

Chairman: so you are applying for the job of an ADO. Do you know what his role is ?

Me: yes sir, definitely. The Apprentice development officer is an important part of the insurance organisation. The primary role is to recruit a team of insurance agents who , in turn, would approach potential customers, build good relationship with them and bring business to the organisation. So the ado is mainly assigned with the job of recruiting such agents, train them by imparting skills and follow up with their progress.

Chairman: ok good but what is the one term that can define all the qualities that you defined, who does all the motivation and imparting skills to the agents?

Me: Leadership Quality

Chairman: yes that’s correct.

M1: can you tell me how are the LIC agents recruited?

Me: Sir, there is an exam conducted by the IRDAI which the prospective agents have to sit for, qualify them and then there’s a 17 day training period that they have to undergo, through which they will be trained with proper skills.

M1: ok, so how will you ensure that the agents are meeting their targets?

Me: Sir i feel the first step in order to assign them the job is to identify their strengths and skills. For example if I assign one agent into an Metropolitan areas, I’ll ensure that he’s got good communication skills through which he can form good relationship with prospective customers and then sell them the products which suit their needs and aspirations. Again, if he’s assigned in a remote area, where the average income per household is low to moderate, I’ll assign him to sell micro insurance products like Bhagyalaksmi or micro bachat which would be suitable for that region.

Lady(seemingly impressed) : oh you have gone through our website as well?

Me: yes ma’am I did a bit of homework. 🙂

Official 2: How will you motivate the agents?

Me: Sir firstly after recruiting the agents I’ll first build a good relationship with them because a good marketing job always starts with a good relationship. Then I’ll follow up with their progress and conduct periodic sessions to motivate them. Also I’ll ensure that the agents who do good work are rewarded with suitable incentives. And lastly I’ll also see if any agent is going through a practical problem, I’ll try to solve them.

Chairman: You have mentioned in your CV that you left your previous job because you were preparing for government jobs. But do you know that this job is not exactly a government job in fact it’s a business oriented job , precisely a marketing job. So what do you have to say about it?

Me: yes sir, I’m aware it’s not a government job but I feel there is a bit of foot work we have to do in every work that we start and in this case perhaps more. But i feel I have got the right skills for this particular job, as this requires building good relationships with prospective clients even before doing business with them and I feel, though I’m not aware what others feel about me, that I have moderately good communication skills though i’m a bit nervous now( here the lady interrupted me, seemingly impressed, seconding the fact that I have good communication skills) and I can do justice to my job.

Official 4: Here you won’t get a desk also, maybe you ll have to be on the run 24X7?

Me: Sir, even though if I get a government job, we get excited at first but then it gets monotonous after sometime, with all the file work etc. So field work would be very challenging and I like taking my work as a challenge, something that would keep me on my toes.

Chairman: ok that’s good to know. So do you know how to drive a scooty? Since you may have to travel under the sun or go to remote places for business?

Me: Sir I’m planning to learn driving, after I get settled with the job. Travelling is not a big issue for me as I have stayed in places where I have had to face many challenges 🙂

Lady: do you like shopping? Online or offline?

Me: yes it’s so easy on the pocket as well. Plus we don’t have to bother about trials and returns.

Lady: do you know about online insurance?

Me: *I didn’t have any idea about it , so I told her about online agents, she didn’t mind, probably because she was already quite impressed with me*

Official 3: *asked me something related to some internal operations about the company, where the cm,cut him short telling that I may not know about it since it’s not for me to know*


Chairman: have you seen any ads related to LIC on TV?

Me: yes sir, I have seen, but I don’t remember the exact ads now.

Chairman: do you know the tagline of LIC?

Me: It’s Yogakshemam vahamyaham, meaning your welfare is our responsibility. It’s taken from the 9th chapter of Bhagwad Gita, 22nd verse.

Official 3: okay tell me the punchline of the ad!

Me: it’s Zindagi KE sath bhi , Zindagi KE bad bhi..

All: yes very good 🙂

All of them smiled and wished me good luck for the results, asked me to take a chocolate. I wished them back and left with a smile. I was quite satisfied with the way my interview went, as I couldn’t prepare well for the same.

Tip1: always maintain eye-contact with each of them while answering, don’t look at just one member.

Tip2: always keep a cheerful face. Dont sit like a rock or laugh hysterically.

Trivia: one of the officials( from the verification team outside) dropped tea on my bio-data form while hunting for staplers/ stationery. I know, very disappointing from an official.

Note: This post is based on previous year experience shared on Social media Platform.  The purpose of posting this to help Other’s in upcoming LIC ADO Interview Candidates.

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