National Insurance Academy: PSGICs Officers’ Pre-Promotional Examination, 2019 Notification Out

National Insurance Academy, Pune


PSGICs Officers’ Pre-Promotional Examination, 2019 (Online Mode)

(Fast Track Channel of Promotion of Officers in Scale I / II / III & IV of PSGICs)

The Officers of the Public Sector General Insurance Companies (PSGICs) in the cadre of Scale-I, Scale-II, Scale-III and Scale-IV who have applied for promotion under ‘Fast Track Channel’ under Para 14A & 14B  of the Promotion Policy for Officers, 2006 in the PSGICs are required to qualify a Pre-Promotional Examination which is conducted through online mode.

For the Promotion Exercise 2019-20, it has been decided to conduct the said Examination on 16.02.2019 (Saturday).

This Information Handout contains information and important instructions pertaining to the structure of the Examination and various aspects of conduct of the Examination. All the Officers concerned in Scale I, II, III & IV of PSGICs are advised to carefully read the Handout as it will help & facilitate them in preparing for the Examination and attempting the questions in a right manner.



  1. For all cadres of officers from Scale-I to Scale-IV, the Examination will comprise of Seven (07) Sections containing the Objective Type Multiple Choice Questions as in table below:-


Section Name of the Section Max. No. of Ques. in the Section No. of Ques.

to be attempted

1. Fire & Engineering 30 25
2. Marine & Aviation 30 25
3. Motor (OD & TP) 30 25
4. Misc. (Other than Motor, Aviation & Engineering) 30 25
5. Reinsurance (Treaty, Facultative & Accounts) 30 25
6. Finance (including Accounts, Investment and IT) 30 25
7. HR (including HR-Legal) 30 25


  1. Out of the Seven (07) Sections, the candidate is required to answer any Four (04) Sections of his/her choice.


  1. Every Section contains 30 Multiple Choice Objective Type Questions, each with four alternative Answers.


  1. The Candidate will have the option to view the questions and the alternative Answers in English or Hindi.


  1. The Candidate is required to select the most appropriate alternative Answer to answer a question.


  1. A Candidate is required to answer any 25 questions (out of 30 questions) in each Section and a total of 100 questions from the four Sections, selected by him / her.


  1. The maximum composite time allowed for the Examination is 2 hours (e. 120 minutes) from 02:00 P.M. to 04:00 P.M. THE CANDIDATE SHOULD REACH THE VENUE AND REPORT FOR EXAMINATION 45 MINUTES BEFORE START OF THE EXAMINATION, i.e., BY 01.15 P.M.  THE ENTRY GATE OF THE EXAMINATION WILL BE CLOSED AT 01.45 P.M.   THE EXAMINATION WILL START AT 02.00 PM SHARP.


  1. Each question carries 01 mark. For every correct answer 01 mark will be awarded. However, there will also be a penalty for wrong answers. For each wrong answer, 1/3 mark will be deducted.


  1. In case any candidate attempts more than 04 Sections, the 04 best scored sections will be taken into consideration for compiling his/her final score. The candidate shall attempt any 25 questions in every section. In case any candidate attempts more than 25 questions in a section, the first 25 questions (in the order in which they are presented to the candidate) will only be evaluated.




  1. The Examination will be conducted On-line i.e. on a computer.


  1. The candidates are required to report at the Examination Venue 45 minutes before start of the Examination i.e. by 01.15 P.M., to complete the pre-Examination process and satisfy themselves that the PC, mouse and keyboard allotted to them are working fine.


  1. On announcement of the start of the Examination, the candidate will sign-in to the Examination by furnishing Roll Number and Password allotted to him/her.


  1. Thereafter, the Computer Screen will show the Instructions as to How to take the Examination (e.g; General Instructions, Navigating to a question, answering questions, navigating through Sections). These Instructions are very important and prescribe the right manner in which the questions are required to be attempted. The candidates are advised to read the instructions very carefully and follow them scrupulously.


  1. The next screen will ask the candidate’s choice between English or Hindi as default language which can be selected through a button given on the screen.  The candidates are advised to select the default language, as all the questions will appear in default language.  However, the language of a particular question only can be changed to the other language by selecting through the relevant button given on the top right side of the particular question, but the default language opted once selected on the Instructions page will not be changed.


  1. On the same screen, the candidate will indicate his confirmation to have read and understood the instructions and acceptance to adherence thereof.  Thereupon, ‘I am ready to begin’ button will be highlighted and by clicking this button the candidate will access the question paper & be able to start attempting questions.


  1. For the convenience of the candidates and with an idea of giving them an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the process and procedure of the conduct of the Examination through on-line mode as also to give advance information on the Instructions on ‘How to Take the Exam’, a Mock Test has been uploaded on the website and is available at the following link:-






  1. The candidates are advised to log on to the Mock Test link, read the Instructions carefully and practice attempting the questions. It may, however, be noted that the sample questions set in the Mock Test link are only indicative / illustrative and not exhaustive (and correspond to 20% of the format of the main Examination). In the actual examination, the questions may vary and be of a higher difficulty level & of the type not mentioned in the mock test.


  1. Candidates are advised to read the instructions appearing on the computer screen carefully during the actual online Examination on 16.02.2019 and follow the same for answering the questions.


  1. It is suggested that candidates for their own convenience, may visit the Examination venue one day before the Examination Date to confirm the location, so that they are able to report at the venue well in time (i.e. before 1.15 P.M.) on the day of the Examination since late comers will not be allowed. THE EXAMINATION WILL START AT 02.00 P.M.


  1. As per practice followed by the Examining Body, your responses (answers) will be analyzed with other candidates’ responses (answers) to detect patterns of similarity of right and wrong answers. If in the analytical procedure adopted in this regard, it is inferred/ concluded that any candidate has copied from or shared his/her responses with any other candidate(s) the and scores obtained are not genuine/valid, his/her candidature is liable to be cancelled. Hence, answers of any such candidate who is found copying or receiving or giving assistance or engaging in any behaviour unbecoming of a candidate will not be considered for assessment. Further, the Company may also take disciplinary action against such candidate(s), as deemed fit.


  1. General Instructions:


  1. The candidates are advised to note their Username, Login Id, Password, Date, Time, Reporting Time and Venue of the Examination Centre given in the Admit Card.


  1. The candidates are required to carry their Admit Cards with them to the Examination Venue along with their recent passport size photograph duly pasted on it and the same needs to be duly attested.


  1. The candidates are also advised to carry their Photo Identity Cards issued by the Employer PSGIC.


  1. The candidates should bring with them a Pen / ball-point pen. A sheet of paper will be provided to the candidates, which can be used for rough work or taking down the question number to review at the end of the Examination before submitting the answers. After the Examination is over, the candidates MUST hand over this sheet of paper to the Test Administrator before leaving the venue.


  1. The candidates must scrupulously follow the instructions of the Test Administrator at the Examination Centre. If any candidate violates any of the instructions given by the Test Administrator, he/she will be disqualified and will be asked to leave the Examination Centre.


  1. Use of calculators (separate or with watch), books, note books or written notes, mobile phones (even on switch off mode), or any other electronic device and bringing any of these items to the Examination Venues is strictly prohibited.


  1. Use of system calculators, internet, personal e-mails etc is also strictly prohibited during the Examination.


  1. Any candidate who is found copying or receiving or giving any wrongful assistance from or to any other candidate / person or restoring to the use of any unfair means or malpractice or engaging in any behavior unbecoming of a candidate, his candidature for the Examination will be liable to be treated as cancelled.  Moreover, the matter will also be reported to the PSGIC concerned to take further action against such a candidate, as deemed fit by it.


  1. This being an online test, the possibility of occurrence of any technical snag, in spite of the best precautions, cannot be ruled out completely.  In such an event, every effort will be made by the Test Conducting Agency/Technical Support Partners of the Test Conducting Agency to rectify such problem.  Candidates are requested not to panic under these circumstances and wait for the further instructions from the Test Conducting Agency. Test Conducting Agency maintains complete logs of every activity on each Computer System. Decision of the Test Conducting Agency in this regard shall be final.

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