New pattern coding decoding surprise Reasoning Quiz for SBI PO PRE 2019| 29th January 2019

Reasoning Questions and Reasoning Quiz for SBI exam Reasoning, IBPS PO Reasoning , IBPS Clerk Reasoning , IBPS RRB Reasoning , , and other competitive exams.

Directions (1-5): Study the information carefully and answer the questions given below.

In a certain code language,

“Career power is premier institute” is coded as  ‘ 9X12  4K10  1R4 9K14  16R18’

“For all government exams” is coded as  ‘1U6  1Z6  9T20  4V10’

“An alumni company” is coded as  ‘1Z4  9Z12  4X14’

“Associated with bankersadda” is coded as  ‘25Z20  1D8  16Y22’

Q1. What is the code for ‘difference’ in the given code language?

(a)   6W20

(b)   16W20

(c)   8W10

(d)   Can’t be determined

(e)   None of these

Q2. What is the possible for ‘4V8, 9Y14’ in the given code language?

(a)   clear job

(b)   make even

(c)   difference love

(d)   even between

(e)   None of these

Q3. What may be the possible word for ‘4O8  1G6  4G8’ in the given code language?

(a)   making clear job

(b)   love the team

(c)   less place difference

(d)   working between team

(e)   None of these

Q4. What may be the possible code for ‘make emphasis’ in the given code language?

(a)   4N16  9V64

(b)   16N4 64V9

(c)   4N4, 16V4

(d)   4N8, 9V16

(e)   None of these.

Q5. What is the code for ‘solve tough puzzle’ in the given code language?

(a)   4H16  4G10  4K6

(b)   8H8  4G5  4K10

(c)   16S14, 4T18, 1P21

(d)   6M10, 8O15, 64T17

(e)   None of these

Directions (6-10): Study the following information to answer the given questions.

In a certain code language,

‘last time the battle’ is written as ‘b%6i  g%4v  o#2c  s&3t’

‘time bat on final’ is written as ‘t%2m  o#2c  d#5a  p&3u’

‘on last kingdom calling’ is written as ‘n#6h  m%2k   t%2m  g%4v’ and

‘final king the on’ is written as ‘d#5a  s&3t  r%2x  t%2m’

Q6.In the given code language, what does the code ‘m%2k’ stand for?

(a) Either ‘last’ or ‘the’

(b) battle

(c) on

(d) Either ‘calling’ or ‘kingdom’

(e) king

Q7. What is the code for ‘final’ in the given code language?

(a) t%2m                            

(b) r%2x

(c) s#4t                               

(d) d#5a

(e) Other than those given as options

Q8. What is the code for ‘time’ in the given code language?

(a) n#6h                             

(b) o#2c

(c) g%4v                             

(d) p&3u

(e) r%2x

Q9. What is the code for ‘final bat’ in the given code language?

(a) v#6e be                        

(b) d#5a n#6h

(c) n#6h v&5e                              

(d) p&3u d#5a

(e) b%6i d#5a

Q10. If ‘on the home’ is written as ‘a$4j t%2m s&3t’ in the given code language, then what is the code for ‘home bat battle’?

(a) a$4j g%4v nh                        

(b) b%6i  p&3u   a$4j

(c) b#6i  d#5a  a$4j                    

(d) b%6i  d#5a  a$4j

(e) b%6i  d%5a  a$4j


Directions (1-5):

Logic:- First number is  the square of the total number of vowels in a word. Then letter of the code is opposite of the first letter of the word, and last number is the total numbers of  letters in the word multiplied by 2.

Q1. Ans.(b)


Q3. Ans.(b)

Q4. Ans.(d)

Q5. Ans.(e)

Directions (6-10):

Word Code
Last g%4v
Time o#2c
The s&3t
On t%2m
Battle b%6i
Final d#5a
Bat p&3u
King r%2x
Kingdom/ calling m%2k/n#6h

Q6. Ans.(d)

Q7. Ans.(d)

Q8. Ans.(b)

Q9. Ans.(d)

Q10. Ans.(b)

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