Now or Never | Happy 70th Republic Day | 26th January 2019

‘Now or never’

Dear Ambitious ,

New year (2019 – 20) come with a lot of opportunities, now it’s your call takes it or wait it. We all know railway minister ‘Piyush Goyal’ announced that Indian Railways to employ over four lakh people by 2021 and he also added  first phase of fresh Indian railway recruitment of 1.31 lakh posts would be initiated in February-March 2019. IBPS released its calendar for 2019 – 20 & PGDM exams like BOB, Syndicate & Canara, SBI announced 60% to 70% its AGM & GM ranked officers will be retired by 2019 – 20, LIC AAO & other insurance vacancies might be come this year, today SSC also released its 2019 – 20 calendars.

So, if you want victory or if you want your dream job this year, then work for it don’t wait for notification, number of vacancies. What happed in 2018 forget all things because Bad things do happen but what matters how we respond to them defines our character. Instead of getting disheartened by your performance in 2018 get motivated and start working on your preparations for the examinations (near about 2 – 3 lakh jobs) that are yet to come in 2019 – 20.

‘’ Always remember, no matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying’’. So, don’t waste your time in being upset about your past because you can’t  change it. This year come with a lot of opportunities and you can bite at the cherry in the upcoming year. The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power. There are still a handful and vast of opportunities in the government sector.

We just want to say to all aspirants “ Always stay positive and happy, work very hard and don’t give up hope. Be open for criticisms and keep learning because success is the result of perfection and learning”.

In last practice and learning are two major keys to make your dream true. So, keep practice as much you can and in your journey. “’ always grateful to help you all.

Best of luck.



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