One Nation One Ration Card 3 Years Completed

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One Nation One Ration Card: 3 Years Completed

A successful programme implemented across the country, one nation one ration card(ONORC), has completed its three years. On 9 August, 2019 the programme was started. In the initial phase it was implemented in four states and now it is implemented across the states and union Territories of the country with Asam being the latest (36th state/UT) state to join the one nation one ration card scheme. 

About the programme:

This programme comes under the National Food Security Act (NFSA). It has become one of the successful schemes of India and currently approximately 3 crore profitable monthly transactions are being done across the country with the total number of 77.88 crore profitable transactions from the date of implementation have been recorded. 


The government has also launched an app named ” MERA RATION” to increase the availability and feasibility of this scheme to every corner of the country. By this app, the reachability of this scheme is at its maximum level and now every citizen across the country is gaining advantages of this programme. This app is available in 13 languages and provides real time information and every update to its beneficiaries. 

Objectives of the Scheme:

This scheme ensures food security across the country. This scheme has been proved as a milestone in the COVID period by providing food to needy people with ease. They don’t need to go to their states or areas where they live to get rations. Now every citizen of the country can get rations in every state and union territory irrespective of where they belong. 

This scheme has also proved beneficial for the migrants. Before the implementation of this scheme , migrants felt difficulty to get rations by their existing ration cards in those states where they went for work but after the implementation of One Nation One Ration Card programme they can get rations from every fair price shops in the country through their old ration cards by linking aadhar cards.

Other Advantages:

This programme ensures to empower the all citizens who come under this scheme to get rations from anywhere in the country and to make them ATMA NIRBHAR. This is the fully implemented programme which provides food security not only to the owner of the ration card but also his or her family members. 

By this scheme, the right to food is getting empowerment. Now one third of the population who are migrant workers has become secure to get food from anywhere in the country. This scheme also helps in restricting the leakage of foods in the wrong manner because this scheme needs Aadhaar Authentication to be implemented. 


The One Nation One Ration Card scheme is filling the gap of discrimination and helping migrants to work anywhere without thinking about food security. 

Questions And Answers:

Q1. On which date the one nation one ration card scheme was launched?

Ans. 9 August,2019.

Q2. This scheme comes under which act?

Ans. National Food Security Act.

Q3. What is the name of the app which has launched to increase the availability of this scheme?


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