Order & Ranking Reasoning Quiz for SBI PO PRE 2019 (Day 5)| 6th February 2019

Order & Ranking Reasoning Quiz for SBI PO PRE 2019 (Day 5)

Reasoning Quiz to improve your Quantitative Aptitude for SBI exam Reasoning, IBPS PO Reasoning , IBPS Clerk Reasoning , IBPS RRB Reasoning , , and other competitive exams. 

Q1. M, T, B, D and R are five friends each of them having a different weight. R is heavier than M and T but lighter than only B. M is heavier than only T. Who among the following is at the third position according to their weights?

A) R

B) M

C) D

D) T

E) None of these

Q2. Among D, E, F, G and H, each having a different height, F is taller than only D and G is shorter than E and taller than H. Who among the following is the tallest?

A) E

B) H

C) G

D) F 

E) None of these

Q3. Jayant is taller than Rajeev but not as tall as Madhu. Madhu is not as tall as Pranav. Who is the tallest among Rajeev, Madhu, Jayant and Pranav ?

A) Rajeev

B) Madhu

C) Jayant

D) Pranav

E) Can’t be determined.

Q4. Raghav is twenty first from the left end in a row of 40 boys, and Prarthi is twenty first from the right end in the same row. How many boys are there between them in the row ?

A) One

B) Two

C)  Three

D) Data inadequate

E) None of these

Q5. P is greater than R. Q is greater than S, who is greater than T. Q is equal to R. than who is greatest?

A) P

B) Q

C) R

D) S

E) T

Q6. Among J, K, L, M and N, who is the shortest? J is shorter than only N. K is taller than M and L. If they are arranged in ascending order of their heights from left to right then M is second from the left?

A) J

B) K

C) L

D) M

E) Can’t be determined.

Q7. Each of the five friends Kamal, Rahul, Suri, Kalia and Bhoopendra has a different age. Kamal is youger than only Rahul. Suri is older than Kalia. Who is not the youngest. Who among the following is/are older than Suri?

A) Only Kamal and Bhoopendra

B) Only Kalia and Kamal

C) Only Bhoopendra

D) Only Bhoopendra and Kalia

E) None of these

Q8. On which day was Shilpi definitely born? Shilpi’s mother correctly remembers that Shilpi was born before Friday but after Monday. Shilpi’s brother correctly remembers that his sister was born before Saturday but after Wednesday.

A) Monday

B) Tuesday

C)  Thursday

D)  Friday

E) Can’t be determined.

Q9. Five people A, B, C, D, E lives on five different floors from bottom to top. Two people live between B and C. A lives immediately above C. D lives on one of the floor above E. Then who among the following lives on fourth floor? 

A) B

B) A

C) Can’t be determine 

D) E

E) D

Q10. E is heavier than G and K but not as much as F. L is only lighter than M. The one who is second heaviest is 56kg. The weight of third lightest is 47 kg. K is 10kg lighter than E. G is of 18kg. What can be the weight of F? 

A)  58 kg

B) 70 kg 

C) 50 kg 

D) 45 kg  

E) None of these 


Q1. Ans(C)

B > R > D > M > T

Q2. Ans(A)

E > G > H > F > D

Q3. Ans(D)

Pranav > Madhu > Jayant > Rajeev

Q4. Ans(E)


Q5. Ans(A)

Capture 2

Q6. Ans(C)

Capture 3

Q7. Ans(E)

Capture 4

Q8. Ans(C)

Q9. Ans(C)

Q10. Ans(C)

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