PM Modi at COP 26 summit

PM Modi at COP 26 summit

In November 2021, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the COP 26 global climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland. Alok Sharma, an Indian-born British politician, was serving as the conference’s president. This COP 26 is a very important global conference on climate. Details related to the COP 26 summit are often asked in many government exams. Questions from summit or conference topic which comes under the General Awareness section are often asked in many competitive exams. Only a few questions are asked from this topic, but even a single mark can determine your destiny.
So, here we, Ambitiousbaba are providing you a detailed article on COP 26 Global Climate Summit. You will find here all the details of PM Modi speech and plans regarding climate change, in COP 26.

Introduction about COP 26 Summit:

  • United Nations Climate Change Conference of the year 2021 is known as COP 26 which is being held in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom.
  • This conference is being held under the presidency of Indian born British politician Alok Sharma.
  • COP 26 summits is jointly organized by United Kingdom and Italy.

Speech of PM Modi at the COP 26 Summit:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at the COP 26 Summit in Glasgow that India is on its path to achieve net zero emissions by 2070. He ensured that India will achieve 50% of its energy by sourcing from renewable energy by 2030. India will cut down its carbon emissions by 1 billion tonnes until 2030. India will also contract its emissions saturation per unit of GDP by less than 45%. PM Modi gave statement that India would also install 500 Giga-watt of renewable energy by 2030. He called upon the spirit of climate justice and directed rich developed countries to provide at least $1 trillion in climate finance to assist developing countries and those most vulnerable.

Contradiction with developed countries:

A speech by Narendra Modi was in contrast to India’s run-up to the COP where it had strongly resisted demands by developed countries to take on net zero targets. Several delegations from the United Kingdom, the United States and the European Union had called upon Indian officials in previous weeks to draw a transmission line for high-frequency signals such agreement out of India. Achieving net zero by 2050, scientists say, is the world’s best shot at keeping temperatures from rising above 1.5C of Pre Industrial levels.

Suggestions for sustainable environment:

In his speech Narendra Modi has suggested sustainable modes of living which are being practiced in certain traditional communities ought to be made part of school curricula and the lessons from India’s efforts at adaptation in programmes such as ‘Jal Jeevan mission’, ‘Swach Bharat mission’ and ‘Ujwala mission’ which has to be popularized and adopted by all the nations in the world.


Dr Arunabha Ghosh, CEO and Founder, Council for Energy Environment and Water, a think tank has congratulated PM Narendra Modi for his bold statements in his speech for low-carbon development. He said in the summit that India’s action for net zero emissions is a real climate action which should be taken strongly by all global nations with India’s creative idea of changing lifestyles for a sustainable environment.


Q1. Which edition of United Nations Climate Change Conference 2021 is being held?

Ans. 26th (COP 26)

Q2. At which place COP 26 (Conference of Parties) Summit is being organized?

Ans. Glasgow, Scotland (United Kingdom)

Q3. Which nation holds the presidency of COP 26 Summit?

Ans. United Kingdom

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