PM SHRI scheme gets approval from cabinet

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PM SHRI scheme gets approval from cabinet:

A new central scheme PM SHRI in the field of education has been approved by the cabinet recently. The abbreviation of PM SHRI is Pradhan Mantri Schools For Rising India. It is under the National education policy 2022. Under this scheme it has been decided to change 14,500 government  schools into model schools to implement the new national education policy.

Important Data:

The total budget of this scheme is 27,360 cr with the 18,128 cr share of the centre for the financial year from 2022-23 to 2026-27. It is a centrally sponsored scheme to turn a total number of 14,500 government schools into model schools in which the implementation of national education policy will be easily conducted. Although there are around more than 10 lakh government schools across the country. 

The government schools which will be chosen for the implementation of PM SHRI scheme are from those states which implement the national education policy. Only those government schools are preferred to turn into model schools, which exist in those states that agree to implement national education policy. 

Details of the scheme:

The selected government schools will also be monitored effectively under this scheme to evaluate their progress and performance. These government schools, after being turned into model schools, will be called PM SHRI schools. 

Under the PM SHRI scheme, every chosen government school by the centre will get a total of 2cr rupees in which 40 percent of the fund is determined to be used with the flexibility given to the principal or the local authority and committee of that particular school to use the fund. This fund is transferred to the school’s account through direct benefit transfer to avoid any delay or fraud.

Under the PM SHRI scheme, the selected government schools to turn into model schools are being provided a school quality assessment framework to measure key performance indicators to provide quality evaluation to those particular selected government schools for this scheme. 

Opposite view:

Although some states such as Tamil Nadu ,Delhi and others are opposing the national education policy approved by the central government. The grounds of opposition rely on several factors such as the central scheme but the education in the particular state is the subject of the state’s policy, option to leave school in class 10th and the option to readmission in class 11th, enforcing the three languages policy and many more.  


It can be a great initiative among several policies in the field of education if it is implemented properly. The support of states are also required to a proper implementation of this policy. Even though Delhi’s CM asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to increase the coverage of this scheme to all the government schools across the country,not just 14,500 government Schools.  

Questions And Answers:

Q1. What is the name of the new scheme approved by the cabinet?


Q2. What is the full form of PM SHRI?

Ans. PM schools for rising India

Q3. This scheme comes under which policy?

Ans. National education policy.


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